How to get the cash register in Adopt Me?

How to have the cash register in Adopt Me?

In this article we will explain you how to get a cash register in Adopt Me so you can increase your income quickly and you can receive donations or extra money, which will come in handy.

In Adopt Me, the main goal is to take care of your child and your pets and build your house full of luxury and comfort. To have all this you have to earn and save a lot of money, so you will need to have a cash register.

How to have the cash register in Adopt Me

Pets are expensive to raise and maintain, and everything you have to buy is a big expense that you have to optimize in some way.

Where to find a cash register at Adopt Me?

It’s impossible not to buy a cash register since it’s impossible to find one for free or in a giveaway. But you will see that it is a small investment that will cost you very little Robux and will be very useful.

Once on the home page of the game, set your home preferences in the “Edit” menu. Then, look for the pizzeria, because there you will find the cash register and you will be able to buy it.

How to earn money with the cash register in Adopt-Me?

ash register in Adopt Me

The main thing is to earn money to keep your wallet full of Robux, and in Adopt-Me you have several ways to do it. One is to set up a donation point in your home, i.e. in your own home, and the other is to set up your own business. In either case, you will find a way to turn your idea into reality and earn a lot of money.

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Starting your own business on Adopt Me

In Adopt Me you can start your own business, you just need to find a good location and then open your own lemonade stand at reasonable prices. Surely in the summer all your friends will drink lemonade from your store to cool off from the heat and get a good income from Robux.

You could also have an ice cream shop as a business. You know we all love ice cream and it is very tasty and appetizing in hot weather.

Donations for having parties in your house

Decorate your house with a nice design that your Adopt Me friends will love and then invite them to your house for a picnic or party with food and music to make it a success. If your friends like the party and are generous, they can reward you with a donation at your cash register.

Don’t expect to make a lot of money from this, but it will be one more step toward your goal of filling your wallet with lots of tip money. You must be polite and kind to your guests and treat them with good taste so they will give you lots of Robux.

These two types of business is a good idea and will certainly increase your income significantly.

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