How to have sensitivity in Free Fire to give headshots?

Better free fire sensitivity settings for headshots

Free Fire offers intense close quarters firefights in these firefights, players can get an unfair advantage by choosing custom sensitivity settings in Free Fire. A device’s sensitivity settings are mostly for beginners as they may not be aware of the idea of ​​reducing recoil with sensitivity changes for performing headshots.

Sensitivity Settings

We’ve noticed that many new players struggle to land flawless headshots when participating in online battles for Battlefield Royale, and aren’t even sure of the ideal sensitivity for shots to the headshot in free fire in 2022. Therefore, maintaining the best sensitivity to headshots in free fire was no easy feat. You need to enter the information below to unlock it because we have added here the optimal sensitivity for free headshot setting 2022 after conducting many tests and practice.

For headshots, players should keep their sensitivity levels near the upper end of the spectrum. This will allow them to aim at their opponents head. The following are the recommended game parameters for gamers:

What are Free Fire’s maximum sensitivity settings and why are they important?

You may have noticed that while playing Free Fire Max or any other FPP/TPP game, you will be limited with your movement. This is due to the sensitivity settings. Free Fire allows you to change the sensitivity settings so that you can easily improve your gaming experience. By default, the sensitivity of the game is set to medium and you can easily customize it to get the movements in the game. This also allows you to have a better response time as you take on an opponent and get that sweet headshot. So, if you want to improve your game, you should try using custom sensitivity settings for better results.

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What is Free Fire Auto Headshot Hack?

It might seem strange to some players how we can do automatic headshots, but it is possible. Also, it is not an illegal cheat or a real hack that can lead to an account ban. But these are a few simple sensitivity and control settings that help you land headshots in every single shot like a pro. There are many players who use the automatic setting which prevents them from becoming professional players. So read this article to know everything from becoming a pro gamer and doing Auto Headshot to killing all your enemies.

In a shooting survival, the sensitivity of the game plays an important role. If you want to master any shooter survival game you need to customize its controls and feel. Similar to free fire sensitivity, it helps you aim, shoot and kill your enemy correctly with a gun. Since each weapon has different recoil, the game allows the player to set custom sensitivity for each individual weapon. So let me know what is the best sensitivity in Free Fire that will work for you and how to customize your sensitivity settings in Free Fire.

How to change the FF MAX sensitivity settings

Step 1: Tap the Settings icon (upper right corner)

Step 2: Click the Sensitivity tab ( left lateral)

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