How to have the best view in Free Fire?

Better sensitivity settings for snipers

Free Fire is all about close quarters battles to win in those close quarters firefights you need to have a good ability to take headshots and the best sensitivity settings in Free Fire. Sensitivity of a device is mostly for beginners as they may not be familiar with the concept of reducing recoil with sensitivity tweaks.


Is Free Fire safe for children?

  • While not gory, the violence in Free Fire is realistic. There is blood and players moan in pain before falling to their deaths.
  • Free Fire players can chat directly with strangers who may use inappropriate language or be potential sexual predators or data thieves.
  • Free Fire blocks suspicious accounts, but the app remains exposed to hackers who ruin games and can steal personal information. In fact, in the first few weeks of 2021, Free Fire banned over 2.9 million accounts for some form of hacking or cheating.
  • From the very beginning, Free Fire encourages players to purchase virtual currency, buy weapons and costumes, and play games of chance. Via continuous ads or bundled as missions, the pressure to make in-app purchases is very heavy on Free Fire.
  • Free Fire sexualizes characters, some female characters wear revealing clothing.
  • Excessive playing of Free Fire, like any screen activity that requires intense concentration, causes eye strain. (According to our analysis at the end of February 2021, the average child between the ages of 4 and 15 plays an average of 74 minutes a day on Free Fire!)
  • Free Fire has no control native parental.
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Best Free Fire Max Sensitivity Settings for Long Range Headshots

If you’re going to pay and want the best results, we recommend try These long range sensitivity settings:

Play classic mode

After practicing in the training ground, you can try playing classic mode. In this mode you can fight directly with your opponents. You can train even more effectively here in the classic mode. And it’s even more fun if you train your aiming skills in classic mode, because you can train while playing. When you are confident enough in your skills, you can play ranked mode for more challenges!

This is some information we can give you to improve your aiming skills. You can also check out these best character combinations in Free Fire to increase your chances of winning!


  • DAMAGE: 57
  • RATE OF FIRE: 60
  • RANGE: 58
  • MAGAZINE: 25
  • ACCURACY: 58
  • ACCESSORIES: Muzzle, handle, magazine, silencer, stock

In the game, XM8 comes with a pre-existing scope, making it more useful in medium to long range combat. It’s also the lightest AR in the game, so you can run much faster than other rifles. XM8 can be equipped with any accessory except the oscilloscope, which is already integrated by default.

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