How to have the Kitsune mascot in Adopt Me?

Kitsune mascot in Adopt Me

How to have the Kitsune mascot in Adopt Me? roblox

If you’ve always wondered how to get a kitsune pet in Adopt Me, you’ve come to the right place. Kitsune is a legendary pet priced at 300 Robux,.

When Kitsune appeared in Adopt-me, she became more than just another pet, with a 50% discount on the entire pet store within two weeks of her arrival. So far, it’s a real bargain.

Where can I find Kitsune?

Kitsune can now be found in the Pet Shop for 600 Robux, thanks to a price reduction during the November 2020 Cybersale, when for a limited time he was at 300 Robux.

Currently there are no events or surprises where you can get free Kitsune. You can only buy them in the in-game pet store or, if you’re lucky, a well-known Roblox character will offer them in one of their promotional videos.

What does the Kitsune look like in Adopt Me?

According to Japanese legend, Kitsune had nine tails, but we know that in Adopt Me he only has seven, but they are very cute.

The normal version of Kitsune is a soft orange color and has a tattoo of three petals on his forehead. Inside, she has large salmon-colored ears. Her seven magnificent tails are pink, as are her paws.

It has two coal-black eyes and a triangular nose. Its neon-shaped body glows brightly and part of its iridescent, hyper-bright tail stands out in the sun. In the mega-neon version, it will be rainbow-colored, glowing and kitsune.

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Kitsune’s powers in Adopt Me.

These are tricks or abilities Kitsune possesses, depending on his level of development. As he grows, he will learn new tricks.

  • Sitting – Newborn
  • Lying down – Toddler
  • Beg – Preteen
  • Jump – Adolescent
  • Trick 1 – Post Adolescent
  • Trick 2 – Adult

The Kitsune used to be on a pedestal inside the pet store, but in the 2020 Halloween Event, it was relocated to where the Panda, Horse and Sloth reside.

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