How to hit all headshots in Free Fire?

To participate in groups or high-level tournaments in Free Fire, the headshot percentage must be increased. It is a reflection of the player’s skill and dedication when it comes to headshots. However, some players don’t care about headshot rates and just keep their KD. Basically it is possible to increase the frequency of headshots by dealing head damage to your opponent. However, this is not easy to enforce, if you win with headshot kills in one match, but lose with zero kills in another, your headshot percentage will decrease. To fully enjoy the game, you need to know how to increase the highest headshot percentage in Free Fire.

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Aim or crosshair positioning

Aim is done by moving the screen with your fingers and you it should place the crosshair at a certain point so that the bullets connect the target. To link headshots, players would place the crosshair over the enemy’s head so that the bullets hit the head. This will help their headshot rate and also get more headshot kills.

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Fake username

Free Fire’s new automatic headshot features a fake username. This is nice because you can use it as an extra layer of anonymity.

Means you can destroy all of your opponent’s walls. Even when they’re not looking. If they see you destroy their wall, they will destroy yours too.

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Free Fire Layout Settings

  • Layout settings also play a huge role for headshots in free fire. you can change the layout settings as you need. you should keep the Joystick and Fire buttons in the best position so that they can be used easily during the game. Users are also advised to play with the three or four finger claw settings.

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Even after making all necessary changes, doing proper headshots or done well in the game takes a lot of practice. Players should start practicing target range by hitting stationary and moving targets. Playing unranked team matches of Clash will also help train their aim.

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