How to hit all red in free fire sensitivity?

Better free fire sensitivity settings for headshots

Free Fire offers intense close quarters firefights in these firefights, players can get an unfair advantage by choosing custom sensitivity settings in Free Fire. A device’s sensitivity settings are mostly for beginners as they may not be aware of the idea of ​​reducing recoil with sensitivity changes for performing headshots.


For low-end devices

You may want to improve the sensitivity of Free Fire on your device, but you have a big concern since you are using a low-end device. No need to worry as you can make the right settings to get maximum sensitivity on your low-end devices or devices with 4GB RAM. General should be set between 90 and 100. Red dot should be set between 60 and 75. Setting for 2X scope is 99 and 4X scope is 95. Sniper scope setting is 20-30 while free aspect is 50-75 .

When playing free fire, you may encounter some difficulties. Sometimes you find it difficult to swipe and swipe when playing this game. As a result, the game character is slow. You can find the same thing with camera movement. If you want to fix this, you can consider changing the sensitivity of your Free Fire game. You need to set the sensitivity to a higher percentage to get a much smoother 360-degree movement. The setting for easy movement is 100 for general and 90-95 for red dot. The 2x scope must be between 85 and 90. Meanwhile, the 4X scope must be between 75 and 80. Don’t forget the sniper scope it must be 47-52. Last but not least, an 85-90 setting is required for a loose look.

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Sensitivity Settings

We’ve noticed that many new players struggle to land flawless headshots when participating in online battles for Battlefield Royale, and aren’t even sure of the ideal sensitivity for shots to the headshot in free fire in 2022. Therefore, maintaining the best sensitivity to headshots in free fire was no easy feat. You need to enter the information below to unlock it because we have added here the optimal sensitivity for free headshot setting 2022 after conducting many tests and practice.

For headshots, players should keep their sensitivity levels near the upper end of the spectrum. This will allow them to aim at their opponents head. The following are the suggested game parameters for gamers:

Sets Free Fire Auto Headshot Sensitivity

Best Free Fire Headshot Sensitivity Settings: i Free Fire professional snipers can hit their head with one tap. We have prepared recommendations for the best FF Auto Headshot Sensitivity setting for 2022. By making these settings, you can make better shots in the game and become the best.

It is important to set the correct sensitivity for fast headshots in Garena Free Fire. This is very important if you want to take down enemies quickly and efficiently. And to be the last one standing in Battle Royale Classic mode, you have to be the best!

Best Free Fire Sensitivity Settings for Long Range Headshots

Here are the best sensitivity settings you can use for long range headshots in free fire:

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