How to improve headshot in Free Fire?

As we have seen, most of the Free Fire players are playing online games on low-end mobile devices containing 1GB, 2GB and 3GB of RAM, that’s why they are facing difficulty in hitting auto headshots or one-tap headshots like a pro in in-game matches. Also, they passed many challenges for Best Free Fire Sensitivity for Headshot in Mobile 2022.

We all performed other 100 best free fire practice sensitivity in low-end mobile devices containing 1GB, 2 GB and 3GB RAM, and it was the most difficult process for us because we weren’t getting the best results as per the users’ requirements. So, we focused on many aspects and finally got the best sensitivity for free fire with a headshot after adjusting DPI and Free Look. So, check it out below and implement it in your FF account for best results.

Better sensitivity settings in Free Fire for more headshots (cover)

Players are advised to set the sensitivity levels to higher levels as this will allow them to aim for the head of opponents in less time. The following are the best ones that players can apply to Free Fire:

  • Total: 95 – 100
  • Red dot: 90 – 100
  • 2x target: 75 – 85
  • 4x range: 75 – 85
  • AWM crosshair: 60-65
  • Watch: 75 – 80

What are Free Fire’s maximum sensitivity settings and why is it important?

You may have noticed that while playing Free Fire Max or any other FPP/TPP game, you will be limited with your movement. This is due to the sensitivity settings. Free Fire allows you to change the sensitivity settings so that you can easily improve your gaming experience. By default, the sensitivity of the game is set to medium and you can easily customize it to get the movements in the game. This also allows you to have a better response time as you take on an opponent and get that sweet headshot. So, if you want to improve your game, you should try using custom sensitivity settings for better results.

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Aim Positioning

The crosshair placement can help users get headshots (Image via Sportskeeda)

Crosshair placement will also play an essential role in linking headshots on the battlefield. It is strongly suggested that players get into the habit of placing their sights at a height where they would expect to find their opponent’s head.

Hit targets/enemies while they are in rest position

Auto headshot

You should avoid attempting to pick headshots for opponents who are moving. Because the stability and game mechanics wouldn’t let you get a headshot while your opposing player is moving. Rather, in close range battles, try to pick headshots while the opponent is resting or starting to move.

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