How to raise blood level in Dayz?

This is a guide for blood and health regeneration in DayZ starting with version 0.34.115106. Please note that due to the nature of DayZ, more drastic changes to the game can be expected, so the information here will likely have changed again in a few months.

Injury is an inevitable possibility in Dayz. Surviving means regaining lost blood and health by staying hydrated. However, regeneration comes in many forms, so it’s worth getting recognized.


About Dayz Blood

Blood in the game DayZ is not directly linked to the in-game life bar, but it makes you weaker or stronger, colored or gray, faster or slower , depending on your current status. If you have low blood levels in the game, you will continuously take shock damage that will kill you in Dayz game.

Here are all Dayz Blood Chart and Dayz Blood Transfusion Chart

DayZ Blood Type Chart since version 1.19

There are so many blood types in DayZ. In fact, the blood type chart is just like in the real world. Because DayZ does not match any blood type. If you know which blood types are compatible in real life, you’ll also know how it works in DayZ, otherwise here’s a table of blood types:

What you need for blood bags: To make blood bags that your friends or you really heal, you need to collect some items. You’ll find each of these medical items in large quantities:

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How long does it take for blood to return to DayZ?

Blood is a vital stat in DayZ and it is advisable to check its level from time to time as a significant reduction affects your health. You may be losing blood from gunshots and wounds, and you may wonder how long it usually takes to recover.

At a low level, blood regeneration gives you a scale of blood per second depending on your prevailing condition, but it may take longer to reach the minimum required red blood cell count. For example, at this rate, you are likely to recover 600 blood in ten minutes.

How to replenish blood levels

There are a few ways to replenish blood levels and it depends on how you acquired the problem in the first place. If your blood levels are dropping due to an injury, you can use gauze or a splint to stop your character from bleeding. Minor injuries require only a little gauze to prevent blood levels from falling again.

If you’re hungry, thirsty or cold, make sure you eat or change your clothes to fit what you need at the moment. One of the basics when it comes to surviving in DayZ is making sure you have enough food, water, and extra clothing in case you need a little cheer me up as you explore the game’s vast world.

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