How to Remove Ban in Roblox?

Remove Ban in Roblox

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Roblox like any game where there are many players has rules that must be met to build a peaceful community by eliminating the toxicity of some users.In Roblox if you do not comply with the rules of behavior you will be banned forever from the game.

However if you are already banned for not following the rules here we bring you several ways to get back to play Roblox and recover your account.But before we show you the methods to remove your ban in Roblox we will show you all the reasons why you can be banned. It is very important to know the ban rules so that you don’t make the same mistake again.

Reasons why you will be banned on Roblox

If you have any of these behaviors or actions, the Roblox administrators may ban you, as you have not complied with any of the following rules:

  • harassing a player
  • bullying another player using verbal violence
  • humiliating players
  • revealing personal information about someone or a player
  • sexualizing someone or some Roblox object
  • discriminate against players
  • verbally threaten players
  • defame a player
  • insult any player
  • make love dates with another player
  • engage in sexual actions with another player
  • incite other players to do one of the above things.

Please note that if you see any player with such behavior, you can report it yourself, as any player can report inappropriate behavior, but only the administrators will be able to ban you.

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When a player receives many reports from other players, Roblox will send him a warning or temporarily ban him depending on each case. However, please note that if the problem is very serious, a player can be banned forever.

What happens if you get banned on Roblox?

If Roblox bans your account, you will lose everything, absolutely everything. You will not be able to develop games for the platform and you will lose all your Robux and items earned or purchased.

Having several Roblox accounts will not save you because if Roblox detects that you use the same IP, i.e. you connect from the same device with different accounts, it can ban your other accounts, even if they have not been reported by other players.

How to remove Roblox ban?

  • First method to remove the ban:

To remove the Roblox ban you have to turn off the router for a few minutes so that the IP changes.An IP is a sequence of numbers that identifies your network.

When Roblox bans your account, it places your IP address on a “blacklist“. Roblox blocks that network address (IP) forever. If you try to connect through it, you will not be able to.

The logic of this method is that when you turn off the router and leave it off for a few minutes, when you turn it on, another IP is assigned to it. As a consequence, you will be able to play, since that other IP is not blocked.

  • Second method to remove the ban:

The second method requires removing the Roblox ban with a VPN. A VPN is a program that hides your IP and replaces it with another IP. In the following button you will find a free VPN:

This method follows the logic of the previous one: change the IP to one that Roblox has not blocked.

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We hope these methods work for you and that you don’t commit the same infractions again. Remember that you can lose everything, so try to build a game with a non-toxic community.

If you think the ban was unfair or that Roblox made a mistake, please contact support using the button below:

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