How to remove Lag in Roblox?

Remove Lag in Roblox

If your game lags when playing, i.e. has lag and you want to optimize Roblox to run faster on your computer here we bring you the solution.

It does not matter if your PC is very slow that is to say that the computer on which you play does not have the necessary resources to run the game well.

Today we are going to show you how to eliminate this performance problem in Roblox that does not allow you to enjoy the game.

The methods we will show you are easy to follow, to completely eliminate the lag in Roblox.

How to know if we have lag in Roblox?

The lag is easy to identify, you will notice it when the game is choppy, that is, it happens in those moments when you see a character at a point, and seconds later you see him in a distant place without having moved, this is an indication that you have lag in your game.

Lag also happens when you press a key to make your avatar perform an action but it takes a long time to execute it, the music cuts out or you hear interruptions, the characters seem deformed when moving or simply the game runs slow.

Reasons why we have lag in Roblox:

It is important that you take this into account because in this way you can understand what to do in each case taking into account that the lag occurs for several reasons, the most common are the following:

  • The game server is located far away from your country.
  • There are too many people playing the game on the server at the moment.
  • Your computer does not have the necessary resources to run Roblox optimally or there are secondary processes running such as Google Chrome or another program.
  • Your internet is too weak, or you are too far away from the router.
  • Below we will show you how to solve each problem.
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How to eliminate or reduce lag in Roblox?

Here we will show you all the existing ways to solve lag in Roblox.

Server problems:

If your problem is that your country is too far away from the game server, you may think that there is no solution however there are programs like VPNs or Exit Lag that will solve your problem.

Move the router close to your computer:

Try to place the router in a place that is close to your computer and that nothing interferes with it such as walls or objects, the closer the better, since the internet signal will be stronger. If you have the option of connecting your router and your computer via cables, use this option.

Close programs that are running on your computer:

There are programs installed on your computer that consume internet in the background and also consume your computer’s CPU.

One of these programs is Google Chrome which consumes internet but also consumes CPU, so you should only have the Roblox tab open. Open the Windows task manager and close all unnecessary programs.

Reduce the graphics:

When you enter a game in Roblox press the escape key (Esc), this will bring up the menu so that you can enter the configuration options and look for the graphics section.

By default they are set to automatic. Change them to manual and set the graphics to minimum. As a result the game will lose graphic quality, but it will feel smoother and run faster.

Advanced method to reduce lag in Roblox

This last method only works for those players who play Roblox on Windows. To use this advanced method follow the steps below:

  1. Press the “Start” + “r” keys. The RUN window will open.
  2. You must enter with the keyboard the following: “appdata” and press enter.
  3. Open the “Local” folder
  4. Then open the folder “Roblox”.
  5. Then you must open the “Versions” folder
  6. If there are two folders, open the second folder that comes up. In most cases the folder name is usually “version-e024c611925642a8”, but in your case it may have a different name.
  7. Inside you should open the folder “PlatformContent”.
  8. Then open the “pc” folder
  9. Open the “textures” folder
  10. Here you must delete all the folders that appear. You should delete all the folders but be careful, don’t delete the files, remember to delete almost all of them, except the following files:
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Now just open Roblox and you will notice that the game runs very fast.

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