How to revive in PUBG?

Yes, now you can revive your teammates in just 1 second. No, it’s not a PUBG hack or cheat code, PUBG has launched this great new critical response kit in the game. This will help PUBG players revive their teammates in seconds and get Winner Winner Chicken dinner. The Sealed Device (Critical Response Kit) is a consumable item and is not a PUBG Mobile update but is only available on PC and PUBG consoles. The item was previously only available for custom games, but has also launched for the standard game mode.

Now you might be lucky to pick up a critical response kit in one of your Paramo games and turn the tide of a lost battle by reviving your teammate in 1 second.

How to resurrect a dead teammate in PUBG: New State

To bring a dead friend back to life, you need the green flare gun. Shooting it at the sky can bring a dead friend back to life. Note that the player must be online to do this. If I’m offline, this won’t work. If you’re lucky, you can find the green flare gun in the open world, just like other items you can loot.

The friend you call back will get off the plane just like you do at the start of each round.

How to revive a teammate in PUBG: NEW STATE?

To resurrect a dead teammate, you will need a green flare gun. Find this item and throw it into the sky. Keep in mind that your partner must be online. If it’s out of the game, this method won’t work. The green flare gun appears as regular loot on the map. After shooting it in the sky, your friend will jump from the plane onto the map.

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New PUBG Status: Revive knocked out enemies and recruit them as teammates!

New Features in PUBG New State

PUBG New State has introduced a new map called Troi that will feature advanced vehicle and weapon customization options that will force players to modify their survival skills. Aside from these features, the newest feature feels pretty ‘out of the box’.


It is one of the most revolutionary tools PUBG will ever see that the whole game strategy will change after the launch of this feature. PUBG is all about team play with squads, but this new feature will allow players to play more solo matches as they would not require multiple teammates to revive them.

This will also increase competitiveness and aggressive gameplay for most players as they won’t take the risk of leaving the battlefield if their friends aren’t nearby.

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