How to use the macro in Free Fire?

The installation procedure is quite simple and does not require any computer skills. To solve the user’s problem, we have included all the essential actions below. Please follow the steps below carefully for successful installation.

  • First start by accessing your phone’s settings and check the “Install from unknown sources” box.
  • Then, in the mobile storage section, search for the Apk file.
  • Start the installation process and then open the app once finished.
  • When opening the file, choose the parameters you want to combine and a key.
  • Open the game and evaluate the effectiveness of the tool.

App Details

NameMacro Free FireVersionv2.0Size4.54 MBDeveloperFLFFPackage Namemark.flffPriceFreeCategoryToolsRequired Android5.0 and above

I will share the basic features of the app right here in this paragraph. I hope it gives you everything you are looking for. Also, these are not the only options and you will get more from the same app in the future. But for that, you have to visit this page every week.


We use a technique called “recoilless” where the recoil of the weapon is reduced and the game feels more natural.

This feature allows you to inject weapons into your games. Inject all weapons you have installed into the game, including all their skills, stats and attributes.

What are the advantages of the macro?

  • Players can place gloos closer and faster than anyone else.
  • Players can use different headshot techniques starting from sit-up to jump shot etc.

There are many more advantages in the game that you will know when you use the feature. However, there’s a twist to this setup. Macros have no drawbacks such as DPI. The iPhone and emulator hardware is much better to check every minor and major issues for this feature.

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How to install the app

As you can see, the installation process is very simple and does not require any computer skills. Considering the concerns of the users, we have listed all the necessary steps below. Please follow the steps carefully for successful installation.

  • Unknown sources must first be enabled in the mobile device settings.
  • From the mobile storage section, locate the Apk file.
  • Start the installation process and open the app once installed successfully.
  • Choose the options you want to combine and select a key when you open the file.
  • Check the efficiency of the tool in the game by opening it.

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