How to use the right accuracy in Free Fire?

Free Fire is the game developed by Garena to download for free on Android phones and iPhone (iOS). The game of the Battle Royale genre has set a download record and has become one of the most popular eSports in Brazil. Free Fire requires sharp aim of the player to become the last man standing on the map and do well in the ranks. With this in mind, Somagnews has prepared five essential tips to improve your aim and head hitting. Check out the tutorial below.

Change settings The first thing a user needs to do is spend a few hours testing the different sensitivity options until he finds the pace that best suits his style of play. To reconfigure the viewfinder, click the gear icon and open the settings menu.

5 tips for performing accurate headshots in Free Fire:

Laura is the best character to choose from among all the characters available to players in Free Fire Max. Laura Character has a Unique Sharp Shooter skill that provides players with an accuracy bonus when shooting and helps you hit accurate headshots.

While shooting at a stationary enemy, the fire button needs to be dragged slightly up by the player. This will help stabilize the scope towards your head and ensure a headshot if aiming accuracy is on. Players must quickly adjust their crosshairs based on enemy movement to ensure multiple headshots.

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: Looting with caution

Looting is a key component when playing Free Fire. That said, it’s essential that you don’t do this with reckless abandon. If you do, you may quickly be flat-footed by opponents and your game will quickly end.

One way to loot carefully is to avoid looting outdoors. If there is no cover to protect you, enemies will be able to see you from all directions and this will probably get you killed without even seeing your attacker.

Best free fire sensitivity settings for headshots

Best free fire sensitivity settings for headshots

Free Fire offers intense close quarters firefights in these firefights, players can get an unfair advantage by choosing custom sensitivity settings in Free Fire. A device’s sensitivity settings are mostly for beginners as they may not be aware of the idea of ​​reducing recoil with sensitivity changes for performing headshots.

What are Free Fire’s maximum sensitivity settings and why is it important?

You may have noticed that while playing Free Fire Max or any other FPP/TPP game, you will be limited with your movement. This is due to the sensitivity settings. Free Fire allows you to change the sensitivity settings so that you can easily improve your gaming experience. By default, the sensitivity of the game is set to medium and you can easily customize it to get the movements in the game. This also allows you to have a better response time as you take on an opponent and get that sweet headshot. So, if you want to improve your game, you should try using custom sensitivity settings for better results.

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