Is cyan a sus?

Among Us is a video game that has taken the internet by storm. The game begins with a group of seven to nine “teammates” and one to three “impostors” running around a spaceship. As a member of the crew, your duty is to complete your tasks and figure out who the imposter is by eliminating them. When you are an imposter, you have to fly under the radar and eliminate the most teammates to win the game. With twelve astronaut avatars to choose from, the color you’re most likely to choose reflects in some way your personality and the tactics you use to win the game.


Cyan Meme

Here are some of the funniest Cyan memes we could find on the internet. Feel free to download them and share them with your friends.

What colors make up pink?

Red and white mixed together make pink. The amount of each color you add affects the shade of pink you’ll get. So more white will give you a lighter pink, while more red will give you a darker pink.

Cyan (/ˈsaɪ. ən, ˈsaɪˌæn/) is the color between green and blue in the visible spectrum of light. It is evoked by light with a predominant wavelength between 490 and 520 nm, between the green and blue wavelengths.

What does Cyan mean? (Cyan Sus)

The answer is nothing complex – Cyan is just the name of a color. Yes, that’s pretty much it. It’s not any kind of code word or gaming terminology. As for this game specifically, if you see a player with this color acting suspicious, you can say “Cyan Sus” in the chat. You can then provide your proof and proceed with the voting.

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Why call it cyan and not blue, you ask? Since time is of the essence in Among Us, you need to type things fast. Especially if you’re playing on mobile devices, it can get difficult to type “blue” quickly. Hence, Cyan is the shortest, easiest and fastest option preferred by most of the players.


Image from Among Us Wiki Fandom

A primary color, red is very striking and vibrant to look at. It’s one of the most popular colors in the game, and you’ll rarely find a complete lobby without it. However, there is a downside. In the game, red is the color of imposters and so many players will subconsciously associate the two. For this reason, red players tend to be considered more “sus”.

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