Is LMAO a swear word?

Kate Hart explains them, from LMAO to SWHW$#%&@.

LOL. It’s a convenient shortcut to laughter or the harbinger of an intellectual apocalypse, depending on who you ask. His part of speech is also debated: written it is an acronym, but if you pronounce it as a word it is an acronym.


Asshole (n)

The literal definition of asshole is anus (1), but it is more commonly used to call someone an idiot (2) (a bad person). This is a bit disrespectful and profane, but sometimes it’s deserved.

Asshole is most commonly used to describe men, while bitch is the feminine synonym for this (in most cases, bitch does not mean prostitute.) Read more about the word BITCH.

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History of words: The word fuck, very similar to shit (and actually most of the common swear words), comes from languages ​​of Germanic origin. It is believed that it entered our language from the Dutch around the 15th century. The word was so taboo that few documents remain that would allow us to have a better understanding of its origins. The reason little evidence remains is that people at the time were too afraid to spell the word.

Fucking obscenity is a very old word and it was considered shocking from the beginning, even though it is seen in the press much more often now than it used to be. Its earliest known occurrence, coded due to its unacceptability, is in a poem composed in a mixture of Latin and English sometime before 1500. The poem, which satirizes the Carmelite friars of Cambridge, England, is entitled, “Flen flyys”, from the first words of its opening line, “Flen, flyys and freris”, i.e. “fleas, flies and friars”. The line containing fuck reads “Non sunt in coeli, quia gxddbov xxkxzt pg ifmk”. The Latin words “Non sunt in coeli, quia” mean “I am not in heaven, since”. The code “gxddbov xxkxzt pg ifmk” is easily decipherable by simply substituting the previous letter of the alphabet, accounting for differences in alphabet and spelling between then and now: the i was then used for both i and j; v was used for both u and v; and vv was used for w. This produces “fvccant vvivys of heli”. The whole thing reads like this in translation: “I’m not in heaven because they fuck Ely’s wives.”

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When you need to keep it PG: cleaner versions of LMAO

  • LMAO: Laugh out loud
  • LMBO: Laugh out loud, laugh out loud
  • ROFL: rolling around on the floor laughing

LMBO is a profanity-free alternative to LMAO. The acronym of LMBO means “laugh out loud”. Some text messages claim it means “laugh at my booty”.

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