Is Microsoft Flight Simulator easy for beginners?

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How Easy Is Microsoft Flight Simulator For Beginners?

What if you get crashed?

Playing the game would not make hurdles for you as a beginner, absolutely not! When you are flying high above the sky, the game will allow you to turn off the crash landing. So if you get to meet one, you won’t be sent back to the main menu.

Use active pause and autopilot

The active pause key and autopilot function will make your life much easier. The active pause key does exactly what it says; it pauses the simulation but doesn’t bring up the menu. Everything will be frozen, and you can use this time to plan out your strategy or even take a few screenshots of some gorgeous scenery. To enable the active pause, hit the Pause key on the upper right portion of your keyboard. It doesn’t work when flying with an Xbox controller.

The autopilot function does what it says; the computer on your plane takes over and keeps it level. When you’re on a straight course to your destination, you can use this to relax and hang out for a bit after taking off. Of course, you don’t want to use it immediately, but it’s nice to use mid-flight. You can use it by hitting the CTRL+ALT+X key.

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Consider a Flight Control System for Better Maneuvering

While using an Xbox controller in Microsoft Flight Simulator is certainly more intuitive than a mouse and keyboard, a flight control system can offer you an even better experience . The Velocity One Flight Universal Control System is a full-fledged controller built for Microsoft Flight Simulator. It features a true-to-life yoke that can be turned 180° in precise movements to give you complete control over your aircraft.

The VelocityOne Flight Universal Control System is everything you could need in a dedicated flight sim controller.

Enable Taxi and Landing Guides

When you draw out a flight plan on the world map, the game will default you to starting on a runway. However, you can change the option so that you begin in a parking spot or at a gate. This means you will have to taxi onto the runway before taking off. While that is all fine and dandy the multiple crossing taxi paths and routes can be overbearing. To make life easier, you can enable a taxi ribbon which will show you the taxi route to take.

You can enable the taxi ribbon in the options on the main menu, located under Assistance then Navigation Aids. If you have already started your flight plan then you can also access it from the toolbar at the top of the screen.

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