Is Minecraft OK for a 7 year old?

The rule of thumb for healthy video game play is a maximum of one hour a day. There is compelling data suggesting that an hour of gaming a day is actually better for mental health than abstinence from video games. This is based on a large study of more than 4,000 children aged 10 to 15 which found that children who played video games for an hour a day showed better psychological adjustment than those who did not play at all or who they played for more than three hours a day. Children who played two hours a day did not reap the video game benefits that more modest players gained.

However, up to two hours a day are not considered harmful to the psychological health of a physically, socially and academically active child.

Is Minecraft right for 11 year olds?

Because of the seemingly endless creative freedom that Minecraft allows you, many people say it can be a useful tool for children to develop creative and hands-on skills by playing with it.

In fact, we recently published a blog post discussing how Minecraft can be beneficial for 11-year-olds in helping them develop a career later in life. You can read it here.

What is the right age to play Minecraft for kids?

Until a child reaches the legal age, all decisions concerning him are made by the parents. With this article, we’re only going to help new-age parents make an informed choice for their children. So in regards to whether or not Minecraft is safe for your kids, it is safe, when used correctly and responsibly.

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Minecraft can offer your children a creative platform where they can not only learn a new hobby but also develop their educational, life and social skills. Minecraft is generally recommended for children over the age of 7 as it is not a very violent game and is easy to understand. Additionally, the game blocks certain features, such as in-app purchases, for children under 13. As a parent, you can also control settings to make it more child-friendly, such as the voice of monsters or the number of monsters that appear in the game.

Is Minecraft safe for 7 year olds?

While some recommend the game for older children, Minecraft is very popular with kids aged 6 and up. So, many parents of 7 year olds are allowing their kids to play it. If you allow your child to play Minecraft on a public server that allows them to play with people from all over the world, there may be security issues. We recommend that you keep them safe from cyberbullies and predators. Some parents choose to keep their child in the local game to avoid these problems. This is a personal decision that each parent must make on their own.

Again, taking a look at the game and even playing it yourself can help you determine if you want your child to play it and at what age. Ultimately, you get to know your child best and can make the best decision.

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