Is Minecraft or Roblox better?

The biggest difference between Roblox and Minecraft is their structure. Minecraft is a standalone game where players create the world by manipulating blocks while Roblox is a system that gives you access to other games. This makes Minecraft more predictable in terms of content. Everyone plays with the same core content while Roblox players have a completely different experience right from the start based on their choice of game.

Where mods come from is one of the main differences between Minecraft and Roblox. Minecraft is updated with mods made by the core development team. In Roblox, every game is developed by another player. Minecraft mods are designed to adjust the experience that users are having while mods in Roblox completely change the experience.

How are they different?

Despite the similarities between Roblox and Minecraft, ultimately the two games are fundamentally different. Minecraft is a standalone game in the traditional sense and sees constant changes in the form of updates and content additions on an almost constant basis, all delivered by a professional studio, so the quality is consistent.

Roblox, on the other hand, features a free play structure with microtransactions and a premium version for the “full” experience. And with a staggering number of games made for Roblox every year, the game’s sheer wealth and range of experiences (everything from working at a pizza parlor to scuba diving to managing a theme park to fending off zombies with your assault rifle of choice) the variety in Roblox is almost unlimited.

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Revenue Model

That header might raise a few eyebrows, after all Roblox is a free game and Minecraft is a one-time purchase title, but it’s something worth mentioning.

Despite its free-to-play status, Roblox is definitely a freemium title. Especially for developers looking to make a profit from game modification or hosting their own servers. The base game remains free-to-play, but to access items and sometimes game modes, both players and developers must purchase the game’s premium currency, Robux. These purchases add up over time, and of course there are always those instances where a child gets their hands on a parent’s credit card and ends up spending thousands of dollars on the game.

What is Roblox?

Roblox is also considered a sandbox game. Actually, it is more of a platform for many other games that you can access through it. Players use Roblox to create a character and then choose which game they want to play with this character.

Roblox also uses a unique graphic style with some basic pixelated elements, but they also add more modern looking elements. Roblox characters look completely different and look like a cool LEGO-like design.


– While there is no specific storyline in Minecraft, the immediate mission is to survive. Minecraft is all about building your empire which would require you to explore and find all the ingredients, ores, supplies and food you need to be able to create just about anything. The idea is to protect your defenses and survive the monstrous dark nights. Roblox sounds a lot like Minecraft but it’s so much more. Roblox lets you design any kind of video game or digital world you want – you can create games using bricks that look like Lego, or play the latest Madden if you want to become an NFL star. Your imagination comes to life in Robolox.

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– Minecraft is $26.95 for PC and Mac, while Minecraft: Xbox 360 Edition is $15 and $20 on Xbox Live Marketplace. Minecraft: PlayStation 4 Edition will cost $19.99, but players who already have the PS3 version can upgrade through the PlayStation Store for $4.99. Robolox, on the other hand, is a free-to-play game; you just need to download the interface to the specific device you will be using. It lets you play and design some for free, but some games and equipment cost Robux, Roblox’s in-game currency. It costs real money and can be used to purchase upgrades or accessories for your avatar.

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