Is Roblox OK for 9 year olds?

People in the music business (us included) talk a lot about Fortnite, but we think Roblox is another gaming platform that should be less under the radar for our industry.

A new report from children’s media research firm Dubit offers some statistics that might help. “Half of all 9- to 12-year-olds in the US play Roblox every week, logging more than 1.5 billion hours a month on the platform,” she explained.

Best Roblox Games For Kids


Synopsis: While not technically a game, this is our favorite Roblox activity in the Roblox ecosystem.

Why is Roblox so addictive for children

Addiction to Roblox (and other similar games like Fornite or Minecraft) is more common among children, especially those under the 16 years old. and adolescents are at risk for developing gambling problems because they lack brain development for executive functioning and self-control.

What do players see and do on Roblox?

Through their customizable avatars, Roblox players are immersed in colorful and dynamic 3-D virtual worlds and experiences that they can explore and navigate via touch screens, game controllers, or keyboard strokes and mouse clicks, just like any other video game.

As a platform to reach consumers, Roblox has become big business: Major brands, such as Gucci, have partnered with Roblox to create virtual boutiques that sell avatar-exclusive virtual merchandise, such as sunglasses and beanies. Meanwhile, musicians like Lil Nas X and Twenty One Pilots have hosted virtual concerts that have attracted millions of viewers.

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Roblox Tips for Parents 

  • Participants and behavior are closely guided in setting up Connected Camps, but at any other time (outside of the club), children they will join public servers with others. Some things parents need to be aware of:
  • Kids can instantly turn off the chat when they join so there is no risk of sharing links or swearing.
  • Parents can set restrictions on their children’s Roblox accounts here. If you set your account birthday to under 13, it limits your chat options and puts a stricter restriction on chat.
  • Read this information from Roblox to learn how to set up the account so that your child can only chat with added friends.
  • You can look at the account inbox to see all messages sent and received by the account to know if anyone is trying to talk to your child.
  • In the upper right corner of the home page (and on the profile), there is a list of recently played games that you can monitor as a parent to make sure your child does not join inappropriate games.

Roblox offers an engaging online place for kids to play with friends. We hope this guide will help you learn more about the world of Roblox and help you find titles your kids will love. For fun and games in our moderated environment, be sure to check out our weekly clubs.

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