Is Steam the only place to buy PC games?

Epic has a lot of problems as a company, and there is a lot that can be said for anti-consumer exclusivity deals on the platform. On the other hand, no one can deny the breadth of options and the large number of free titles that Epic gives out.

It’s the newest alternative to Steam in the industry, but Epic has a lot of clout after creating the Unreal Engine as well as games like Fortnite. Due to its relative youth, the Epic Games Store hasn’t refined its interface to the same extent as its competition. Browsing the store can be a bit obtuse, and some users claim it has massive privacy problems that raise concerns.

Humble Bundle

Humble Bundle has been around for a while. It has a typical store where you can buy games, but it also offers a lot of cool bundles (hence the name) that you can buy for decent prices. The other cool thing about Humble Bundle is that it donates a portion of each game sold to charity. You can buy games and do good at the same time.

When you buy a game at Humble Bundle, you’ll get a game key that you have to activate at one of the gaming platforms. Typically this will be a Steam key, but recently Epic Game keys are being sold too.

Epic Games store

When it came onto the scene, the Epic Games store made plenty of noise, because of the incentives it offered to game developers and the advantages it offered to independent game developers, who opted to join their platform instead of Steam. Now, the Epic Games store has an identity of its own. Instead of striving to compete with volume or accessibility though, the Epic Games store has decided to compete with its library. There are many games that you can’t play on PC. unless you buy them through the Epic Games store. Another advantage the EpicGames store offers, is that it has competitive pricing when it comes to games, compared to other storefronts.

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Yes, even Grand Theft Auto’s publisher has its own P.C. game-buying platform. While the other options offer a general selection of games, the Rockstar games store only catered to fans of Rockstar games and the library of its parent company. Unfortunately, unlike its predecessors, Rockstar games do not often offer competitive prices. Sure, you can find a tantalizing sale on the platform during holiday seasons like Black Friday or Christmas, but for gamers who find the hobby of gaming an already pricey endeavor, who enjoy the occasional cutback on costs that sales offer, Rockstar games store might not be the option for you.

VPNs for Torrenting

Torrenting is a popular way of sharing large files with other internet users. Using a VPN to torrent can help prevent your IP address from being exposed, which can protect you from potential legal and copyright infringement issues. Additionally, using a VPN can also provide access to blocked torrent websites and ensure that your torrenting activity is kept private.

Using a VPN can also be beneficial when traveling, as it allows you to access geographically restricted websites and protect your data from potential cyberattacks. Additionally, using a VPN for streaming can help reduce buffering issues and provide access to geo-blocked content such as Netflix US or BBC iPlayer.

What is Steam?

Valve Corporation created Steam in 2003 for macOS and PC. This launcher first appeared as a way to gain access to all of Valves’ most notable titles early in their career. Such as the Half-Life series, Portal, and Team Fortress 2. However, it has since risen to become the most popular gaming platform on the market. In 2022, over 60 million gamers use Steam on a daily basis.

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