Is the $649 Steam Deck worth it?

It’s really worth thinking about what type of games you’ll be playing on the Steam Deck. If the goal is AAA games that look as good as they can, you’re going to use a lot of storage space.

For example, Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2 clocks in at 125GB, while Assassin’s Creed Valhalla weighs in at a meatier 130GB on Steam. Playing these games simply isn’t possible on the 64GB Steam Deck unless you invest in a large SD card and run games from there.


Lawful neutral

Wizards’ insistence on deauthorizing the original OGL has led to an ongoing argument about whether or not it’s legally able to do so. This has given nerds, lawyers, and nerds who are lawyers a lot to talk about over the course of the last couple of weeks.

“At inception of the OGL, Wizards widely represented that OGL 1.0a was an irrevocable contract with obligations for both Wizards and participating publishers,” Azora Law’s Brian Lewis told GeekWire via email.

Switch vs. Steam Deck

The similarities between the two devices are fairly obvious – both have a similar shape and device design with a touch screen, dual analog controllers, and so on. The Steam Deck does offer a more varied control scheme with more buttons and two trackpads to simulate mouse movement. The Steam Deck will expand storage via a MicroSD card, just like the switch. Unlike the Switch, it offers Bluetooth connectivity as well.

Future plans for the Steam Deck include a port to connect to TVs just like the Switch. This port does not ship with the device, however. It isn’t available yet – so that functionality isn’t available at the moment. It is possible to remotely connect to monitors via cable already. We know that it will offer stronger performance than the Switch, falling somewhere between the Xbox Series S and the Switch.

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▍A Sleek, Comfy, and Well-Built Machine

When you buy a Steam deck you’ll find the Steam Deck, a cloth for covering the screen, a carrying case, and the power adapter with a 1.5m Cable, designed to not take up extra space on a power strip.

This thing is definitely bigger than a Nintendo Switch, and the screen’s about as big as a PS4 Controller. If you want to carry this around I recommend putting it inside a backpack or bringing the carrying case by hand. Thankfully the Deck isn’t heavy and compared to a laptop, it is far more portable and easier to pull out for gaming.

Will My Games Work?

When it comes to content Valve has done a terrific job getting games up and running on the Steam Deck. We have talked with countless developers, and the general consensus is that it’s easy to get games up and running on Steam Deck and that Valve has been a great help. In conjunction with my Steam library, I have tested many “Early Access” games, as well as demos from this summer’s Steam Next Fest. Most of these games are not even published, many are still in development. In one case did I have a problem running a game on the Steam Deck and the issue was tied to an unfinished game.

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