Is there a kid friendly Roblox?

Adopt me! Adopt me has been around since 2017. It’s a multiplayer game where players take care of pets. There are two roles in the game. The players are the parent or the child or the pet. They all spawn in their home which they customize in the game. Players can ask other players who are nearby to be part of their family or they can create their own family. Parents have to take care of their kids or pets according to their nine needs in the game. Needs range from being bored or hungry to wanting to go to school or sleep. Players can earn money by caring for their parent, pet or child, and the dollars can be used to buy almost everything in the game.

Roblox Studio

Synopsis: While not technically a game, this is our favorite Roblox activity in the Roblox ecosystem.

Roblox Studio is undoubtedly one of Roblox’s main claims to fame. It is a powerful platform that allows users to create their own game or virtual hangout directly in the Roblox server. Additionally, the controlled environment provides a safe space for curious programmers and young coding enthusiasts to practice, experiment, and ultimately develop their programming skills without fear of judgment or failure.

Closing thoughts for parents

It might seem like just yesterday when your child was learning to play Candy Land. How simple that game seems now! But you don’t have to be an expert to help your child stay safe and enjoy Roblox or any other online game. Even if you think your child is more tech savvy than you are, you are still the parent and have a lot of experience and wisdom that applies to most aspects of your child’s life, including their use of technology.

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In fact, the “rules” for using any game, app, or service are pretty similar. Everyone should be respectful of themselves and others, be aware of what they post, and understand how to use their privacy settings, security tools, or block and report mechanisms.

Roblox Tips for Parents 

  • Participants and behavior are closely guided in setting up Connected Camps, but at any other time (outside of the club), children they will join public servers with others. Some things parents need to be aware of:
  • Kids can instantly turn off the chat when they join so there is no risk of sharing links or swearing.
  • Parents can set restrictions on their children’s Roblox accounts here. If you set your account birthday to under 13, it limits your chat options and puts a stricter restriction on chat.
  • Read this information from Roblox to learn how to set up the account so that your child can only chat with added friends.
  • You can look at the account inbox to see all messages sent and received by the account to know if anyone is trying to talk to your child.
  • In the upper right corner of the home page (and on the profile), there is a list of recently played games that you can monitor as a parent to make sure your child does not join inappropriate games.

Roblox offers an engaging online place for kids to play with friends. We hope this guide will help you learn more about the world of Roblox and help you find titles your kids will love. For fun and games in our moderated environment, be sure to check out our weekly clubs.

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