Is voice chat in Roblox safe?

Roblox is a worldwide platform with various games. And more than 43 million users play Roblox games every day. Among all, the majority are young players. Therefore, it is obvious that parents are concerned about their children’s safety in the virtual world, where almost anyone can use voice chat.

The developers, together with Voice Chat, have also added a restriction on its use. Only players over the age of 13 who have verified their age can use this feature. If you are over 13, you can easily activate voice chat. However, is it safe?

Starting yesterday, Roblox has decided to roll out a spatial voice chat system for players aged 13 and up. I have questions. Many of them.

This new Spatial Voice feature will allow players to talk to each other in voice chat within “Spatial Voice Experiences” on Roblox. As an opt-in feature, the game will now allow those 13 and older to opt-in once they visit the Settings page.

Only other users who have enabled this feature will be able to chat with each other, as long as the Roblox experience they are using supports it. And before you ask, yes, an age verification system has also been implemented.

Age/Photo Verification

All users who meet the 18+ age requirement for voice chat must verify their age with a photo ID, as reported by Bloxy News with more leaked images. Users need to upload their photo ID to a Veratad portal on the Roblox platform using a file from their device or by taking a photo of their ID with a mobile device. It’s easier to capture a photo ID with a mobile device thanks to the camera’s automatic scan feature.

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While unconfirmed, users most likely need to provide government identification which will be stored securely in the Veratad system.

Ask your children what they are playing!

Start a conversation with them about what their favorite games on Roblox are and why. Ask them who they are friends with in the game. Ask them to show you their favorite games and sit back and watch them play a bit. Make sure you are not using a condemning or angry voice, but are coming from a place of genuine curiosity and interest.

Your kids will be thrilled that you share an interest and you can bond with all of them while you control things yourself. Don’t get mad at them if they’re young and you find they’ve been chatting with others they don’t know. Explain to them why this is not always safe. We shouldn’t get angry at our children when they don’t know the things we should have taught them.

Is voice chat on Roblox safe?

Roblox voice chat is safe to use

A global platform with a variety of games called Roblox. In addition, nearly 43 million players play Roblox games every day. Most of them are young players in general. As a result, it is clear that parents were concerned about the safety of their children in the virtual world. Where voice chat is available to virtually everyone.

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