New World Tips and Tricks

Game: New World Tips and Tricks

After a couple of delays, the highly anticipated New World finally arrived on our computers on September 28th, 2021. Developed by Amazon, this multiplayer online game immerses us in a massive online multiplayer world set in the 17th century, where players take on the task of colonizing what used to be Eastern British America.

As players complete quests assigned by NPCs throughout their adventure, they are free to collect natural resources or enemy drops, craft their own tools, explore, and battle other players in the open world.

How to Get the Best Builds in New World

In New World, skills are organized in a “skill tree,” and the skills we choose will determine our role on the battlefield, and this, in turn, is closely linked to weapons. For example, when playing in a team, it is recommended that one player acts as a healer, another as a tank, and the other as a DPS or damage per second.

Here are the best builds for each of these roles:

Healers  should use the Life Staff weapon, which should be combined with the Ice Gauntlet for a perfect balance of healing, removing status effects, and some damage to support the DPS. As for skills, the primary skill should be Curator and Protector, with the Intelligence attribute.

Curator skills should include Sacred Ground, Sacred Soil, Blessed, Absolved, Desperate Speed, Corrective Touch, Blessed Touch, Light Splash, Revitalize, Shared Recovery, Intensify, and Purify.

Protector skills should include Aegis, Protective Blessing, Shared Protection, Protection Orb, Light’s Embrace, and Protector’s Fortitude.

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The secondary weapon, the Ice Gauntlet, should focus on Ice Storm and Builder skills.

Ice Storm skills should include Debilitating Burst, Cold Reach, Entombed, Punishing Storm, and Ice Storm.

Builder skills should include Ice Pylon, Defiant Frozen, Ultimate Frozen, Fast Frozen, Refreshing Frozen and Empowered Frozen, Pylon Regeneration, Frozen Touch, Pylon Empowerment, Dodge Pylon, Grave, Reinforced and Purifying Grave.

For tanks, there are two paths to choose from: sword and shield or hammer. Attributes should focus on Constitution, Strength, and some Dexterity.

For sword and shield tanks, players should focus on Master Swordsman and Defender.

Master Swordsman skills should include Mobility, Opportunity, Opportunist, Counterattack, and Cutting Whirlwind.

Defender skills should include Shield Bash, Intimidating Strike, Vigorating Maul, Final Strike, Shield Wall, Defiant Stance, Defensive Training, Solid Grasp, Recovery, Restoration, Crushing Blow, and Countdown.

For hammer tanks, players should focus on Unstoppable and Crowd Crusher.

Unstoppable skills should include Lasting Trauma, Indomitable, Exhaustive Strikes, Perfect Strike, and Armor Breaker.

Crowd Crusher skills should include Earthquake, Overpowering, Sweep, Resurgence, Shake, Fragility, Acceleration, Failed Expedition, Double Sweep, Good as New, Post-Traumatic Stress, Unbroken Spirit, and Hit and Run.

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