Resident Evil Village: Guide and tricks

Discover the Chilling World of Resident Evil Village: Your Ultimate Guide

Are you ready to step into the twisted world of horror and survival? Look no further than Resident Evil Village, the latest addition to Capcom’s legendary gaming franchise. Released in May 2021, this spine-chilling adventure continues the story of Ethan Winters, our beloved protagonist from Resident Evil 7, as he embarks on a dangerous quest to rescue his daughter from the clutches of four mutant rulers in a strange Romanian village.

But don’t worry, we’ve got you covered. Read on to discover everything you need to know about the Resident Evil Village campaign.

Meet the Characters of Resident Evil Village

As you navigate the dark and eerie world of Resident Evil Village, you’ll come across an array of fascinating characters. First up is Chris Redfield, the legendary BSAA agent and commander of the elite squad known as Hound Wolf. We also have The Duke, a rotund merchant who can help you obtain essential supplies and objects.

Of course, we can’t forget the main antagonists. Mother Miranda, leader of the cult responsible for Rose’s kidnapping, is the primary villain. Alongside her are the four mutant lords: Lady Dimitrescu, a towering vampire with three daughters, Donna Beneviento, a ruler with a creepy doll named Angie, Salvatore Moreau, a grotesque Triton-like creature, and Karl Heisenberg, a mutant Lycan and ruler of the Heisenberg family factory.

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Explore the Heisenberg Factory RESIDENT EVIL VILLAGE

The Heisenberg family factory is one of the many locations you’ll discover in Resident Evil Village. It’s also home to the eponymous Karl Heisenberg, one of the four mutant lords and a manufacturer of metal monsters that will stop at nothing to destroy you. Interestingly, the factory was also a location for the Mother Miranda cult.

Step into Ethan Winters’ Shoes

As the main protagonist of Resident Evil Village, Ethan Winters has been through a lot. He’s now married to Mia Winters, a former member of The Connections, and living peacefully with their newborn daughter. However, when Chris Redfield and his men kill Mia and kidnap Rose, Ethan is thrust into a terrifying world where survival is everything.

Are you ready to join Ethan on his dangerous journey through the Romanian village? Get ready to face your fears and test your survival skills in Resident Evil Village.

Discover all the locations of the goats in Resident Evil Village

Looking for the locations of all the goats in Resident Evil Village? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! Here’s a complete list in chronological order from the goat closest to the start of the game to the last one you’ll find:

  1. At the shrine in the square
  2. On the roof of the church
  3. At the northeast end of the map, on a rooftop
  4. At the gates of Dimitrescu Castle
  5. In the tunnel after the puzzle of the statues
  6. In the attic of the Dimitrescu Castle, after the puzzle of bells
  7. West of the Duke, under the bridge
  8. On a rooftop next to Lutier’s house
  9. To the left of the bridge via Beneviento House
  10. To the left of the Beneviento House
  11. In the upper area of the mill on the dam
  12. On a wooden structure on the lake running away from Moreau
  13. Inside the mill after we drain the water
  14. At the center of Otto’s mill, inside a shrine
  15. In the room before fighting Urias
  16. In a gap between the alcove and the fence after opening the last shortcut to the village
  17. On the balcony of the factory
  18. In the elevator where we can save game
  19. After crossing a crane and using the elevator, we will see one in the control room.
  20. On some pillars on the right from the front of the Megamiceta.
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Want to know how to solve all the mazes in Resident Evil Village?

Here we explain it to you:

The first maze is the one in Dimitrescu Castle. To solve it, you must find the Ball: Floral Swords, which will be in the northwest corner of the second floor of the Auditorium. With the ball in your possession, place it on the turret in the center of the courtyard that is lit up. This will allow you to obtain the special item “Crimean Skull”.

The second labyrinth is that of the Benevolent House. To access it, you must first defeat the boss. The ball will be in the southern part of the garden. At the end of the maze, you will get the “Onyx Skull”.

The third maze is Moreau’s maze. To access it, you must get the crank after defeating the boss. Then, follow the path to find the Ball: Mermaid. By completing the circle in the courtyard, you will get the “Yellowish green skull”.

The last maze is the Heisenberg maze. To access it, you must find the shredder and make it stop. Then, climb up using the blades of the shredder. Follow the ventilation duct until you find the “ball mold”. With it, make the ball of this maze to get the “Bistre skull”.

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