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Roblox 3008

3008 focuses on perhaps the scariest thing about modern society: all-consuming capitalism. This hugely popular Roblox game is based on a story from the SCP Foundation, where a person finds himself trapped in an endless Ikea.

Alone In A Dark House

Next in our list of top 15 scary Roblox games of 2022 is this one. Alone In A Dark House was nominated for Best Single-player Horror Game at Bloxy Awards 2020. The game is based on a storyline set in August 1996 and combines horror with murder mystery genre. You find yourself in the role of a private detective who travels to a small town to investigate a brutal vehicle homicide. Dark secrets about the family may be discovered along your way. And be warned, the house may look empty from the outside but you may also find unwanted company.

Best Scary Roblox Games: Our Top Ten Picks

While many of the games on Roblox are very simple and forgettable, there are also some real gems on the platform. Whether you’re a horror pro or are still a little squeamish, these titles will give you plenty to keep you up at night. Like most scary games, many of these titles are aimed at a more mature audience, so keep that in mind when playing.

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to be cooped up in an IKEA warehouse overnight? Wonder no more with 3008, which puts players in a seemingly endless furniture store that moves and transforms at will. Wander the corridors, unpack the flatpack and try to make a new life for yourself in your new home. This game is more eerie than scary, with lots of mood lighting playing on the illusion of the familiar that has been twisted just beyond recognition.

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Alone In A Dark House

If you prefer to play Roblox RPG games then Alone In A Dark House will definitely impress you.

Horror game Roblox revolves around a private detective who has to investigate murders in different small towns.


Nanny is very similar to a simplified multiplayer version of the Granny series. A team of kids must collect items from a map to unlock an exit. However, as they do so, another player plays the demented nanny, who can instantly kill anyone she comes across. It’s well balanced in that little players can get into the vents, but nannies can’t. It’s a well-crafted cat-and-mouse style game that’s a blast for a group of friends.

Play Nanny on Roblox

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