Free Robux

How to Get Free Robux for Roblox?

Looking good with unique clothing and accessories that other players don’t have requires buying special items using the in-game currency known as Robux. Each item or clothing in the game has a value expressed in Robux.

The in-game money or Robux is obtained with real money but you have to know that there is a possibility to get Robux for free. It is possible to earn Robux without buying them, and without the need to make mistakes or practice something illegal in the game like using programs or hacks. Using illegal programs to get Robux with hacks is a crime for the game.

Fortunately there are free ways to earn Robux, although you probably do not know all of them for this reason here we bring them to you so you can acquire accessories for free.

Beware of Robux generators or scam sites

free robux for roblox

Before we show you the free ways you can earn Robux we want to give you a warning about “Robux generators“. Don’t be fooled, it is important for you to know that there is no such thing as robux generators. Do not believe users who claim to have found a reliable robux generator. In case you come across such users you should report them.

Nor should you trust sites that offer Robux in exchange for your personal data or passwords. Of course there are safe websites, in this article we will tell you what they are so you do not fall for scams and false promises.

Safe ways to earn free Robux on Roblox

All these ways that we will show you are safe, do not worry, they are options that Roblox developers themselves offer, and maybe you did not know them.

robux free roblox roboux

Sell items and earn Robux

In order to sell objects and earn Robux you must be subscribed to Roblox Premium. With Roblox Premium you can create your own clothes and then sell them to other users, so if you make cool clothes people will be interested in buying them, so you can earn many Robux.

The place to make clothes is called Builders Club, a center to make your own clothes, with varied styles and lots of accessories.

The clothes are uploaded to Roblox in the “Create” menu and click on “Sell this item”. You can set the price of your creations.

Sell Game Passes to get Robux

Game Passes are special tickets that offer superior abilities and benefits to the player while playing a certain game, for example, they can make you a stronger, faster and more resilient player.

When you create your first video game within Roblox you will be able to make Game Passes and sell them at any price you want. If you belong to Roblox Premium you will get 70% of the profits. If not, you will earn only 10% of the profits.

Sell Game Access and get Robux

The Game Access is related to the previous point in a nutshell is pay to play. Game Access are tickets that allow a user to enter a game. The price of Game Access can be in the range of 25 to 1000 Robux.

Regarding the earnings it is the same as in the previous section: 70% if you belong to Roblox Premium and 10% if you are not Premium.

Get ROBUX thanks to PromoCodes

The codes often give Robux and all you have to do is redeem them. The problem is that they do not come out often, but it is not bad to take advantage of them, it is always good to receive gifts.

To not miss any opportunity we recommend that you follow the official account of Roblox on Twitter and that it sometimes warn about contests or related news.

Is it advisable to work with the Apps that give Robux?

Using Apps that give Robux is another alternative you have to get Robux, but in our opinion it is not profitable because you have to work very hard to get a few Robux.

The Apps that we recommend here are reliable and deliver the money, the only problem is all the work you have to do to get a relevant reward, for example, 400 Robux cost $4.99 and to earn that amount of money with one of these Apps can take up to a week of work.

For only $4.99 you are better off looking for a real job like cleaning your neighborhood gardens and earn more money in less time.

If you still want to try some App no matter how long it takes you to earn some decent money, the best Apps are as follows:

In these Apps you will have to test applications, play games, fill out surveys and do other things for which you will be paid pennies.

Gamehag to win free Robux

A site used by many Robux players is Gamehag. It’s totally safe and you have a lot of fun earning Soul Gems. You can then exchange them for Google Play cards up to $15.

To earn those gems you have these alternatives:

  • upload videos to YouTube talking about gamehag
  • complete quests
  • invite friends
  • level up
  • take surveys
  • download Apps
  • download the gamehag App
  • activate your e-mails
  • talk on forums
  • share content on Facebook
  • play games
  • play mini-games
  • write articles

All these options make earning faster than earning them with applications.

Why not use hacks or cheats to win Robux?

If you plan to go down an easy and illegal path then you will have to expect the worst, this endangers your account and can get you banned, along with all the progress you have made.

Also, programs that promise these things often don’t work and may contain viruses that affect your computer and all the data you have stored on it.

Is it advisable to subscribe to Roblox Premium?

Subscribing to Roblox Premium costs money but it is highly recommended because of the amount of Robux you get for being a Premium user, besides the benefits you receive, with the subscription you can earn thousands of Robux per month legally.

With Roblox Premium you will not be able to make clothes and of course you will not be able to sell them and earn Robux, create a game or receive better rewards.

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