Should an 8 year old have TikTok?

If you’ve been by the water cooler lately (do people really do that anymore?), you might have heard a rumor about TikTok going 18+ on November 23rd. What a fabulous Thanksgiving present, right?

Before you start throwing up on your cranberry sauce, though, here are the details.


Family Pairing TikTok

TikTok has introduced another feature to give parents more control over their children’s social media use.

The Family Pairing feature lets you control how much time your child spends on the app. It also lets you limit the content your child sees.

Inappropriate TikTok Trends

You may already know how serious these trends are. You can read more about TikTok’s dangerous challenges at:

Why TikTok is bad is that it collects a huge amount of data, but TikTok’s data collection goes beyond just information gathering by tracking content types that your kids like and share on the app.


Previously, all TikTok accounts were set to a “public” setting by default, regardless of the user’s age, leaving your child open to DMs and interactions from strangers. With its new 2021 update, TikTok accounts for users aged 13-15 will now go “private” by default. Also, videos created by users under the age of 16 are by default restricted for download unless the settings are changed or updated.

According to TikTok, “with a private TikTok account, only someone you approve as a follower can view your videos.”

Disputes about age restrictions on TikTok

If we think that a person aged 13 or over (or 14 in South Korea and Indonesia) uses TikTok, we bannirons son compte et elle pourra contester cette décision se elle pense que nous avons fait une erreur. Si tu es le ou la parent(e), tuteur ou tutrice, ou un(e) adulte de confiance vis-à-vis d’un(e) adolescent(e) dont nous avons banni le compte, il ou elle pourrait te requester de l’aide pour envoyer une contestation.

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Si ton adolescent (e) conteste son bannissement di lei, nous lui proponerons plusieurs options pour confirmer sa date de naissance di lei. To submit a dispute, the teenager(s) logs out of TikTok, appuyer sur «Contester» and follow the instructions provided. Dans certains pays, l’une des options disponibles he will ask you to send a photo of him or her with a parent, guardian or other adult person of trust who will confirm your date of birth. Read more

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