What age should a kid wear makeup?

If you’ve been strolling through a middle school lately, it’s easy to notice that the restrictions on makeup aren’t what they used to be. When most of us mothers were kids, makeup was taboo at least until high school, and we carried it deep in the zippered pockets of our satchels so we could slip in some lip gloss when we got to school. After all, all the cool kids wore it, and being cool was definitely important. Today, the cool kids haven’t changed a bit; you know the ones who seem to have endless sleepovers, expensive clothes, and who can wear all sorts of deep, dark, glossy makeup to school any day of the year. Thank goodness for those great guys who make life easy for the rest of us. Raising kids should be child’s play; but you are raising girls here.

Obviously age is a consideration for allowing your daughter to wear makeup. If she’s in second or third grade and she wants to do makeup in school, you can bet there’s a girl in her class who does. But limits are needed. Simply explain that she is too young to do that and this is a perfect opportunity to discuss natural beauty and where true beauty comes from with your little girl. Chances are the guy in her class who wears makeup has an older sister at home and she’s just emulating her behavior. However, around fifth or sixth grade and throughout middle school, saying no isn’t enough. How come? Read on.

Here’s how I approached the issue, now that my daughter is almost fourteen.

First I should note that she loves the idea of ​​makeup.

she spends a lot of time watching her favorite her YouTubers doing her makeup tutorials and she spent most of the year honing her skills with me.

Buying makeup for kids

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Wait but you can start with a light make-up.

Many parents prefer that their child doesn’t wear make-up until he is a little older. Talk and explain to your child that waiting is the best opinion if she is too young. But as you know, once she develops an interest in makeup, you can’t make her stop loving it. So you can’t just stop her from wearing it.

You can compromise that might start with light makeup (eg lip gloss, mascara) that makes her feel good, but the amount and type should be limited.

What is the right way for children to wear make-up?

While there is no right or wrong age, the correct way your children wear makeup depends on your family’s perspective and accepted practice in your child’s community. And making sure you agree with these policies upfront can help you in your decision-making process. If children are involved in dancing or cheering contests, for example, makeup may be more prevalent in their social circles.

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“Also, it’s always a good idea to ask your kids why they’re interested in makeup, encourage them to have fun, and expect that you might need to tell them when you think too much is enough,” says Dr. Kubiczek-Love.

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