What are the downsides of Free Fire?

Iris character is a mix between Moco character and M82B sniper rifle. After upgrading her skill to the maximum level, you will receive the extreme power of Iris’s character skill. This means that at max level 6 you will receive 55 seconds of cool down time, damage between 5 gloo walls to the enemy behind the gloo walls and most importantly is the location of all enemies behind the walls.

You can also continuously detect the position of enemies for 10 seconds after activating the character ability Iris. It means that now you don’t need to use the M82B sniper rifle in Free Fire, instead you can use the character ability Iris. So, at present, Iris character is the most popular character in Free Fire for Clash Squad and Battle Royale game mode.

Disadvantages of the restriction of the negative diamond in free fire

If you have a restriction in your account of free fire, then how to remove the restriction notice of the negative diamond in free fire?, it is important know, but is It important to know first that what are the disadvantages after the restriction in free fire?

Suppose you have a restriction of 291 free fire diamonds in your free fire account. This means that you will not be able to play free fire games until you top up 291 Free Fire Diamonds into your account at How to remove negative diamond restriction warning in Free Fire?

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Facing problems with composure

As you may know, not everyone is able to face their problems in life. And playing games like this one will actually improve your problem solving skills. So make sure you keep your cool while in battle. Because if you panic, you tend to lose the battle.

If you’re lucky enough, you can actually earn some money playing games like Free Fire. That’s why, if you’re consistent enough, you might as well create a content on Youtube or any streaming platform. Another thing you can do is turn pro if you are good enough.

About the legends themselves and variety of game modes

At launch, there are currently 10 legends available in the game and as you progress through the levels you will unlock some legends. The roster includes a fresh new face that fans of the console/PC version need to see further: Fade. Fade is a mobile exclusive character who has time warping powers and is perhaps one of the coolest legends Respawn has ever created.

There is some advantage –

  • The player should finish the game within 10 minutes more or less. So save the player time. The player can play one or two games in a short time. This is a good advantage of this game.
  • The size of the game is too small for many android phones to support this game. Now a days many android phones have low memory. So many people have installed this game to play.
  • Due to the small size, junk files are very low in this game, so your phone will be safe.
  • In there we can learn how to win the melee war with or without the team. This is a great lesson for a fighter.
  • Due to the small size the map is small so there is no sniper activity. So who wants to play sniper games, this game is useless for them.
  • Sometimes the game is frozen or delayed due to sharp fluctuation which is a disadvantage of this game.
  • Due to the small size, the resolution of this game is poor. So the enemy cannot be clearly seen at short range.
  • After all the game becomes very harmful for students. Their minds are distracted from studies because of this game, they have put this game as an instinct in their mind.
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