What are the top 4 skills in Free Fire?

In Garena’s Free Fire, a player can create character skill combinations by purchasing skill slots. With more than 20 playable characters with different abilities and many more to come in future updates, creating successful combinations of abilities will depend on the player’s playstyle, preferences and whether they will play solo or in duos/teams.

As of today, pre-OB21 update, it’s acceptable to say that Alok is one of the better choices as a main character. His Drop the Beat skill creates an aura that increases all movement speed by 10 percent and restores five HP per second for five seconds, making him powerful when playing solo or in squads.


Top 3 character combinations to use in Free Fire MAX

Dimitri: Healing Heartbeat

Dimitri features the Healing Heartbeat skill in the game, allowing users to create a 3.5m- diameter healing zone. Within that zone, individuals and allies can restore 3 HP/s while still having the ability to self-recover if downed. The ability lasts for 10 seconds and has an 85 second cooldown.

Dr. Beanie + Wukong

Nowadays, Wukong is the best character for close range fighting, having the ability to blend in. This ability can turn players into bushes for up to 10 seconds and needs 250 seconds to cool down. With Wukong downing an enemy, the cooldown duration will be reset. Dr. Beanie has the ability to move faster in a crouched position. When mixed together, one can also move faster and kill enemies easily.

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Skyler has the Tidal Rhythm ability. She can unleash a sonic wave that can damage five gloo walls within 50 meters, and each gloo wall deployed will result in increased HP recovery, starting at four points. The skill has a 60 second cooldown. Mr. Wagoor can produce Gloo walls, these skills are perfectly combined with Skyler’s skills.

k/ Misha/ Notora/ Ford

K: Has two skills that help recover the user’s health. Maximum EP increases by 50. Jiujitsu Mode: Teammates within 6 meters improve their EP conversion rate by 500 percent. Psychology Mode: Recovers 2 EP every 2 seconds, up to 150 EP.

Misha: Increases driving speed by 20%, while damage taken while driving the vehicle is reduced by 30%.


This combination contains one of the best characters. Starting with DJ Alok, his skill is called Drop The Beat. Using the skill will create a 5m aura around the character and teammates in this radius will have increased movement speed and will recover 5 HP up to 5 seconds. Moco’s ability is called Hacker’s Eye and it can help you and teammates spot enemies for a couple of seconds. Once you know your opponent’s position, no one can stop you. Coming to Jai’s ability, which is called Raging Reload. While using this skill, knock down the opponent and your weapon will reload 10% of its maximum capacity, eventually increasing to 30% as you upgrade the skill. Luqueta’s hat-trick is one of the incredible abilities of the characters in Free Fire. She lets you gain HP in the range of 8-35 whenever you get a kill. Later in the game, you will be able to gain up to 15-35 HP with each kill.

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One of the best skill combinations in Free Fire is Chrono, Kelly, Moco and Dasha. Chrono’s skill is quite impressive. Chrono can create an energy field around himself that can block up to 600 damage. While in the energy field, Chrono and his teammates can shoot opponents. This ability of him is called Time Turner. Kelly’s ability is Dash. While using this skill, your character’s sprint speed will initially increase by 1%. After upgrading the character, the speed will further increase from 1% to 6%. Moco can help you see through enemies, which is extremely beneficial while in battle. Dasha’s skill is Partying On. And in that skill, the weapon’s recoil boost is decreased by 6%. Along with this, the damage taken from falls is decreased by 30% and the cooldown is also reduced by 6%. Combining these 4 skills will give you a defensive edge.

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