What comes after Free Fire Gold?

Free Fire’s rank system is divided into seasons, which usually last for two months. At the end of a season, ranks are reset.

In order to play ranked matches in Garena Free Fire, a player must reach level five experience. Subsequently, players earn points by playing matches and completing missions. The number of points will place players in one of the seven existing ranks and give them rewards.

How leaderboard works

When you play leaderboard, you will be placed in matches with other players of the same skill or level. This is to keep the competition and skill level on even ground.

At the end of each match, players will receive points based on how many kills they had, survival time, finishing position and other stats. These points will help players rank up and progress.

Free Fire Diamond Rank

This Diamond rank is one of the fifth in the list of Free Fire ranks. This rank also has 4 tiers and achieving this rank means you have no chance to make any mistakes while playing the games. Players are also skilled at this level, so you have to play carefully.

Heroic is the second highest in the list of Free Fire Rank points. Reaching this level is very difficult because you will need 3125 RP and most of the players in this level are professionals and you have to play hard to get a Booyah.

Free Fire MAX Rank (Bronze To Grandmaster)

Here is the complete Free Fire Max rank list table along with rewards and rank points:

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There are two modes ranked in Free Fire MAX ranked Battle Royale and ranked Clash Squad mode. It can be unlocked by reaching level 8 and level 12 respectively. By reaching that level, you can get the free level rewards.


The Gold rank can be obtained after passing the Silver level 3. Many players who can reach this rank usually have better skills and use brilliant strategy. They use the right prediction of the enemy’s arrival by hiding and use careful calculation before attacking. Unlike Bronze and Silver, there are 4 divisions to reach in this rank. They are Gold 1, Gold 2, Gold 3 and Gold 4. You can place your character in this Free Fire rank point after getting 2000 medals.

When you can collect 2100 medals, you can enter this rank. There are always rewards every time you clear rank divisions. In this rank you will get an attractive prize. For the degree of division of this rank, it is the same as Gold. There are 4 divisions which are Platinum 1, Platinum 2, Platinum 3 and Platinum 4.

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