What comes after gold in Free Fire?

Free Fire’s rank system is divided into seasons, which usually last for two months. At the end of a season, ranks are reset.

In order to play ranked matches in Garena Free Fire, a player must reach level five experience. Subsequently, players earn points by playing matches and completing missions. The number of points will place players in one of the seven existing ranks and give them rewards.


How leaderboard works

When you play leaderboard, you will be placed in matches with other players of the same skill or level. This is to keep the competition and skill level on even ground.

At the end of each match, players will receive points based on how many kills they had, survival time, finishing position and other stats. These points will help players rank up and progress.

Free Fire Bronze Rank

This is the first and basic Free Fire rank awarded to the new player. When we talk about the Bronze, it has 3 tiers with different points.

The player who played a few games and won a game was promoted to the Silver rank on Free Fire. After this level, the game becomes quite difficult and you will improve as a player. It also has 3 levels.

Free Fire MAX Rank Reset

With the start of a new season, each player’s level reset and their current level have been replaced with a lower level, so the player can rank up until he reaches to the top of the leaderboard. Here is a short table of level reset:

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There are total 7 levels in FF MAX, some levels have divisions while others are without division.


If you can improve your gameplay and increase your rank often, it’s not that hard to get this rank. If you get an additional 500 points after reaching platinum level 4, you will be able to get this diamond grade. It means you have to get 2600 medals. To reach diamond 2, add your medals until you get to 2800. You can go to this page if you want to get free fire diamonds, Get free fire diamonds for free.

It is the highest rank of Free Fire Season 9 Rank Points you can reach. The coolest side of getting this rank is that you will meet so many professional players all over the world. Make sure you have better gameplay and a well-prepared mindset to face the best players. So, you have to raise your medal to get this rank. That’s 3500. After achieving that, you now become one of the best Free Fire players in the world. So, keep it up after you achieve it.

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