What does FF mean in Among Us?

The abbreviation ff has many meanings in games. For example, there’s the Final Fantasy series of games, also traditionally abbreviated to just FF. Friendly Fire, i.e. attacking teammates, is also abbreviated with a double F. However, ff is more popular as an abbreviation for “I give up”.

ff is a short form of the English word forfeit, which means to give up. The origin of this abbreviation is no longer traceable, but in the League of Legends game you can find the chat command “/ff” , which initiates a vote or responds positively if opting out in the current game round.


What does the abbreviation FF mean on social media?

According to Lifewire, the term FF, or Follow Friday, is a tradition and hashtag where social media users recommend other users to follow on Friday. This is often used to cross-promote different brands or influencers to audiences that may cross. This is one way influencers and bloggers get followers and attention on their profile.

According to The Free Dictionary, the acronym FF can stand for many different things beyond the realm of online gaming and social media. However, because the acronym has so many potential meanings, this means that its intended use may be difficult to decipher. To use this acronym efficiently, one must ensure that the person they are talking to has the appropriate context for what they intend to use the acronym with. For example, if someone asked, “Do you want to go see FF on Saturday?” one could safely assume that they refer to the band Franz Ferdinand and not the Navy Fast Frigate.

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Alternative Meanings

There are other meanings to the term “ff”, and these are:

  • Forfeit – forfeiting is when un player gives up because he knows he is going to lose.
  • Final Fantasy – Final Fantasy is an online game with multiple series and is one of the most played online games today.

Souvenir (Dragon Lore)

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Things to do

  • A correct way to publish a FF post on Twitter is to send personal FF tweets. This way, you show all the details about the person you are recommending to others to follow.
  • Who has many followers can create a list on Twitter and call it hashtag FF. Add all the handles you want your followers to follow, then ask your followers to follow people on that list.
  • Don’t recommend anyone to your followers for no reason, no matter the temptation.
  • You might be tempted to recommend everyone on your list, but please don’t. Your timeline will look messy and spam just by looking at it.
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