What does FT mean in text?

Yes, you absolutely can only make calls or video calls, similar to FaceTime on the Snapchat app itself. In fact, you can video chat with up to 15 friends at the same time.

This feature has been around for a few years but people may not notice it. To make a video call directly in Snapchat you can follow these steps. Note that you can still make a voice-only call by simply turning off your camera. Same as a FaceTime audio call.


Does FT mean anything else?

If you are wondering what FT on Snapchat means, then it would be helpful to know that it can mean a few other things as well. Here are some things people use FT for:

  • F*ck That – sometimes, people use FT when they see something they don’t like or if they are sick of something.
  • For trade: If the discussion is about exchanging something, then FT refers to trade.
  • featuring – in music videos, FT indicates the presence of another artist.

Most common KML meaning

KML stands for Killing Myself Laughing.

KML is used as a response to something you found really funny.

What does the acronym FT stand for?

According to the Collins English Dictionary and Urban Dictionary, the abbreviation FT has two possible meanings. First, FT can be used as a written abbreviation for feet or foot. According to Britannica, the measurement of a foot was initially based on the length of the human foot and is used in English-speaking countries. Nowadays, one foot is 12 inches, or one-third of a yard. This measurement system is only used in a few countries while most of the countries have adopted the metric system where the meter or yardstick is used for measurement. The foot measures exactly 30.48 cm. If you were to use FT to describe your height, for example, you could write “I’m 6 feet tall.” People have also started using apostrophes and quotes as shorthand for feet and inches. For example, one day of reels, “I’m 5’6”. This person is five feet six inches tall.

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The abbreviation FT can also be used to refer to the FaceTime application by Apple, Inc. According to Apple, FaceTime is a video calling app that can be used on Apple devices such as iPhones, iPads and Apple computers . This application is often used to call friends and family with video and has numerous options for fun stickers and emojis. A person might ask their friend, “Can you FT me later to help me with my homework?” This implies that the person asking would like her friend to FaceTime her for help with homework. The trendy slang term FT is often used in text messages or via social media to mean FaceTime.

Full text

If you are reading a part of the text that has been cropped or reduced by the sender, they might ask you FT? Does that mean you want to read everything? If you want the short version, you can reply with “TL;DR”, which means “Too long, unread”.

Fallout Tactics is the first non-standard computer RPG. It is set in the post-apocalyptic Fallout universe. If the person you’re messaging includes the abbreviation “FT” in, say, a list of video games they own or like to play, it’s likely they’re referring to Fallout Tactics.

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