What does it mean when a girl says Hahaha?

If you see her doing this in your conversation… she likes you!

Any text that paints a picture of the two of you together is a good sign.

Notice when you haven’t messaged her lately

If you haven’t messaged her in a while and she asks why that is, it’s a visible sign that she’s thinking of you, and appreciates the conversations you usually have with her.

This is one of the most obvious signs. After all, if she’s afraid of losing her connection with you, then it’s pretty obvious that the fear stems from her feelings for you.

How should you respond to Haha from a girl?

Now you know what it means when a girl text you haha, how are you supposed to reply?

In most cases, you can treat it as you would if someone else said something funny.

What does “Lol” mean in a text?

The very word “lol” means “laugh out loud”, but how many of us actually LOL when we send that message? Oftentimes, texting “lol” is just a quick reply when you don’t have time for a longer, thoughtful reply.

The same goes for things like “LMAO” or “Haha”. Most abbreviations go at the end of a sentence, like “I love that movie lol.” But when they’re sent alone in a message, it sometimes means the sender needs a break from the conversation. Based on this, you may be wondering what to say when a girl texts you “Lol.” Check out your options next.

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The content of your messages about you is personal …

Where did you shop from? What was the taste of the ice cream she had this afternoon? Why is she angry? Who made her laugh today? -Do her lyrics tell you all of this and more? Not only does she like you, but she trusts you. The girls have great confidence and are very protective of their secrets and who they share them with. If she’s comfortable discussing a family issue with you or a tattoo she’s contemplating on, it’s possible that she’s more than just into you.

A girl doesn’t like to appear so obvious with her interest in you by texting for long periods. Even if she wants to, she will fight the urge to keep talking to you, just to make it seem like there is more to her life than you. She pays attention to her greetings. If they’re cheerful, like, “Hello, see you soon” or “I have to go, but see you later,” she subtly hints to her that she’s sorry to end the conversation now, but she’ll pick up on you’re late. She likes to talk to you!

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