What does LOL mean from a girl?

The most common meaning of LOL is to laugh out loud. When you use LOL, most people will understand that it means laughing out loud and not much love. Less common uses of LOL include lots of love and lots of luck. However, these two usages could be considered old-fashioned or obsolete. To avoid misunderstandings or appearing sarcastic, we recommend using LOL only to mean laugh out loud or laugh out loud.

  • When you find something from mildly funny to downright hilarious, use LOL.
  • Since there are no rules for capitalization, feel free to write lol in all lowercase letters, LOL in all uppercase letters, or LoL in a combination of both.
  • Could you add one or a few crying face emojis?. Or, replace LOL with emojis all at once.


I should text her “Lol”

If a girl texts you “lol”, you may instinctively want to reply with a short message like “haha” or “lmao”. You might even put it in the back of your mind to remind you to do them another day. But responding with an equally short text probably won’t get you to the point in your relationship that you want to be.

Instead of retaliating with a boring one-word text, consider what she’s going to show her. She might write a short response for a variety of reasons, as you’ll read later. In most cases, texting “lol” isn’t effective and can send a dry conversation even further to its demise, like the two people in the conversation below:

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What’s l for short for Beasts?

BEASTS stands for “Best Friend”

What does Awww mean to a girl?

When should you use text abbreviations?

Now that you know many of the basic text abbreviations, you might be tempted to use them all the time. But abbreviations are appropriate in some situations and not in others. It’s important to understand the messaging etiquette involved.

You shouldn’t worry about using abbreviations with friends and family. After all, they should be comfortable speaking if they don’t immediately understand the abbreviation. If you have a family member who might be overwhelmed or angry if they don’t understand an abbreviation, avoid using them with that particular person.

Using lol sarcastically

Some people use lol sarcastically or passive-aggressively. For example, you might see someone use lol sarcastically when they are laughing at themselves or at others. People may also use lol when something is so bad it’s funny.

Examples of using lol in a sarcastic way

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