What does WP mean?

The list of abbreviations used in a number of structural drawings varies from office to office. Be sure to check the front section of the set of designs for the abbreviations used within.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is basically a tool for building and managing websites, or better known as a content management system (CMS).

WordPress is one of the most popular open source tools for website and blog builders who have no programming or web development experience.

What does the abbreviation WP mean?

According to Urban Dictionary, the abbreviation WP is mostly used in online games to mean “well played”. According to Carnegie Mellon University, video games can be played well in two different senses. First, it can mean that something has been done right, like in a good game. People might also abbreviate this as “GG”. It can also mean something like well-read in regards to books, implying that someone has played many video games and is well versed in space. The phrase well played can also mean that one has been defeated in a battle of words, similarly to the phrase touchedé. It’s used to acknowledge that someone has been defeated, according to Urban Dictionary.

According to Acronym Finder and The Free Dictionary, the abbreviation WP can stand for a plethora of other things. However, these definitions are much less common. If you intend to use the abbreviation WP to mean any of these other definitions, you need to ensure that the appropriate context exists so that the reader is not confused. Make sure the reader cannot take another meaning from the abbreviation – if there is any obscurity, the full form of the sentence should simply be used.

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Example 2

  • Seth – Man, that was a crazy move. WP!
  • Ryan – Thanks, man!
  • Justin – Nice game!
  • Jess – The same. WP!

Scroll through direct messages

This is a reference to direct messages (DMs). On various social media platforms with the feature, such as Twitter or Instagram, it is a convenient feature that allows for private conversations with one person. The sliding going on here implies that the conversation is moving from a public post to this private tête-à-tête, and this is most often done in pursuit of sex. That’s right: when you hear this, it most likely describes a suave maneuver that aims to foster a relationship and hopefully be smooth. However, if you’re doing it and it’s unwarranted or unwanted, stop it, you creep. Read the room and don’t harass others, but sometimes it might be worth a try.

I am the biggest monster. They always try to slip into the DMs.

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