What GG means?

The use of slang words is becoming too common in Roblox games as players find it easy to convey the message to other players, especially while playing games. One of the most used slang words by Roblox players is GG which means good game and is mostly said at the end of the game session, there are further variations of GG explained in this guide as well.


The acronym “GG” is online gamer slang and means “good game”. It is a congratulatory statement made by players to someone who wins the game. “GG” means the player had a good performance and people in the chat are congratulating them on their win.

In some cases, the term “GG” has a sarcastic meaning. Players will post “GG” in chat to troll the loser. The phrase has more use as a sarcastic term in the modern gaming vernacular.

The Beginnings of GG

The days of LAN, or local area network gaming, were when the multiplayer gaming scene was just in its infancy. During this time, this type of gameplay was extremely new and not many people had access to it.

Playing with others usually just meant friends you knew personally, not someone halfway around the world. Because of this, players had much more of an incentive to show respect for others.

What does GG mean in Among Us?

GG means good game; is an old acronym that appeared before voice chat became a mainstream thing. Players during multiplayer games mostly just had keyboards to type and speed is of the essence so shorter slang words were created and GG was one of the key ones to show appreciation to your opponents when the game ended. It’s a polite and quick way of saying I enjoyed the game, thank you.

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AFK is another ancient acronym that means Away from the keyboard. The term was most commonly used in MMOs (Massively-Multipayer Online games) to let people know they’ll be away from the keyboard, so don’t expect them to communicate or do anything. The perfect use of this was in the huge meme, Leeroy Jenkins, as he was AFK and couldn’t hear anything going on, then going back to his keyboard, it charged, leading to his entire team dying.

What is GG on Facebook?

The acronym GG on Facebook is just a joke, a sort of Easter Egg, and is directly related to electronic games where this acronym means “Good Game”. This feature refers to Facebook Gaming, a Facebook gaming platform launched in 2018¬†that can be accessed on fb.gg.

The acronym GG is commonly used in electronic online match games to indicate that the opponents have provided a good game. It would be like thanking you for leaving.

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