What happened to PUBG and Free Fire?

Krafton, the developer of “PlayUnknown’s Battlegrounds” and the creator of PUBG Mobile, the sixth highest-grossing mobile game of last year on a global basis, is suing app stores and a rival game manufacturer, Garena, for copyright infringement involving Garena Online’s Free Fire games.The lawsuit alleges that Garena’s games copy numerous aspects of the game, including the opening, game structure, and gameplay, combination and selection of weapons, armor and unique items, locations and combinations of colors, materials and general textures.

Google’s YouTube is also cited in the lawsuit for hosting videos of the infringing material.

Lawsuit against PUBG Free Fire

It has come to light this week that Krafton is going to sue for copyright infringement allegations in FreeFire. Krafton is the parent company of PUBG. They are using the developer of Free Fire, Ga rena, together with Apple and Google.

The company claims that Fire Free infringes on PUBG’s copyright. Specifically, in the game structure, items, equipment and locations in the game. Essentially anything related to the game that replicates the Battle Royale style of PUBG. However, they aren’t just going after just Garena. Their company also leverages their PUBG-Free Fire lawsuit against Google and Apple.


Released in 2017, Fortnite has seen many ups and downs. With the introduction of Fortnite’s new game mode, Zero Build, in March of this year, the competitive game scene has breathed new life. Many players from other battle royale games have switched to Fortnite and some of the stars who had left the game, like Tfue, have returned. Through the tournaments, Fortnite has amassed over 38.96 million watch hours. It also had a peak viewership of 557,722 during the Twitch Rivals Creator Series: North America Kick-off, ft. Fortnite Zero Build featured some of North America’s most popular content creators.

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About Free Fire

It is an online action-adventure battle royale game available exclusively online. In a battle royale match, up to 50 players land on an island in search of weapons and equipment. Players can choose their starting location and choose guns and supplies to help them survive longer in combat.

Players enter a plane that travels to an island when they join a game. There are medical supplies, medium and extended weapons, grenades and other things scattered across the island. As the plane flies over the island, players can jump anywhere they like, allowing them to choose a landing spot away from their opponents. Players must then search for weapons and valuables after landing.

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