What happens to dead peoples Steam accounts?

Starting from Tuesday, 23rd August 2022, Destiny 2 is officially available on the Epic Games Store. And to celebrate this occasion, Bungie is giving away for free the Bungie 30th Anniversary Pack for all players on the Epic Games Store. This is a rather generous reward, given the fact that Bungie asks €25 for the same pack on Steam. Given the price on Steam, many players want to know if they can transfer this from the EGS to Steam.

And while you can rather easily link your Epic Games and Steam accounts, unfortunately, you can only use this to transfer your save files. The things that carry over are character progression, silver, and so on. Any paid DLC content is locked to a platform where it was originally purchased. And, although, you have received this DLC for free, it still counts as a paid DLC.

What happens to your Steam account when you die

No, Steam accounts do not get deleted. They are, however, subject to termination if they are used in a way that violates the Steam Subscriber Agreement.

Steam does not delete inactive accounts, but it may eventually remove them if they are not used for a certain period of time.

Why People Use More Than One Steam Account

A question that people ask others that have more than one Steam account is “Why? What’s the purpose? and they’ll be met with varying answers. For one, players can use their secondary Steam account to farm cards for the games they already own. Card trading used to be quite the hit back then, and while the trend has died off for a while, cards can still be earned in Steam by playing the respective game. This is a trend that’s been going on for the people that like buying game bundles that cost a fraction when bought at full price since they can at least make a profit from the cards by selling them in the Steam marketplace. Although the money that they get isn’t exactly a lot, the spare change can help them nab a couple of cheap games during Steam’s seasonal sales.

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Another reason why people use more than one Steam account is that they can use their second Steam account as a smurf for competitive games. These games such as Counter Strike: Global Offensive and Dota 2 have massive followings. Players that play both games regularly also use their second Steam account as a sort of storage space for their inventory that they can use later on for trading. There are a lot of items such as cosmetic skins and parts for champions in Dota 2 that can be traded to other players. Heck, even couriers can be traded through Steam! However, Steam has since regulated the trading on their client by limiting each Steam user to 200 market sales per year. By having alternate accounts on Steam, people can just put money into those accounts, wait for about 30 days to use the Market, and begin trading once more.


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