What happens to those who play Free Fire?

After a beloved game like Garena Free Fire took the hit of the latest Chinese App Ban imposed by our government, our fingers were dying to find something new. So, meeting a huge wave of requests from other players, here is a compilation of the best Free Fire alternatives.

How can I make Free Fire safer for my child or teenager?

If you decide to allow your child or teenager to play Free Fire, we recommend the following:

Is Free Fire safe for children?

The usual caveats with online games apply: Cyberbullying is always a problem and children may find themselves interacting with much older players who may not realize they are playing with someone who is still in elementary school. There are in-app tools for reporting inappropriate behavior, and the company also monitors their social media accounts for support requests and complaints.

Children under 13 are technically not allowed to join Free Fire without parental permission, a rule that extends until they come of age in their jurisdiction. Parents can contact the company to cancel an account and disable the game, but first you need to know that it’s being played.

Playing Free Fire while it’s charging will cause a drop in FPS.

FPS stands for frames per second, and it’s a good indicator for you on how well the game performs in every bit of a frame. If the FPS drops suddenly, you can see it in the game that your game movement is lagging. This can also be the result of playing Free Fire while your device is charging.

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If you play Free Fire while charging your device, the risk of damaging it will also increase. While charging the battery, it’s best that you put the phone down without using it. Especially if you use it to play video games like Free Fire, which consumes a lot of energy compared to other lighter apps.

Classic Mode

It’s the default free fire mode, as you start out by stepping out of a plane competing with 50 players to be the last man standing on the island, and you can choose which maps you want playing these are the only maps where you can currently choose Purgatory or Bermuda.

Ranked match is not much different from classic mode but there are still 50 players on the map but in ranked match the map is chosen randomly also it has a ranking system players need to earn ranking points by eliminating other players which will give them a high rank, the higher the rank, the more challenging players they will be.

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