What happens when Steam play for free ends?

Not jumped into EA SPORTS F1 22 yet? Now’s the time, as it will be available as a free trial for all players this coming weekend.

As the Formula 1 circus decamps for the United States Grand Prix, the official game of this season will be playable for no charge between the 20th and 24th October 2022 across PlayStation 4, PlayStation5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X |S, and PC (Steam).

Super Tux Kart

Super Tux Kart is free to play kart racing game for Linux and its distributions. It is an open-source arcade racing game with a variety of gameplay modes, characters and tracks. The gameplay is quite realistic and a fun experience while playing.


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Team Fortress 2 – Massive community with many game modes

Image credit: Steam

Team Fortress 2 has been around for more than a decade, but the sprawling online community and game servers are still thriving like it was released yesterday. The 9 cartoonish characters each have their own character traits and unique tactical gameplay, giving the game a rare personable touch many first-person shooters don’t have.

Bonus lessons from this

  • Artur did his homework well before the opportunity presented itself. He knew Splattercat was a streamer who liked card battlers and mechs so he kept close and joined his Discord from him. When the smallest opening randomly happened, Artur responded. I don’t know for sure, but I bet Splattercat was impressed that the developer was there in his Discord from him. My recommendation: Find the top 10 best streamers who play your type of games and join their community. Contribute. Don’t just email them 1 week before your launch and email them a key. Be present.
  • Some streamers do respond to requests from their community. So, encourage your super fans to post about your game if their favorite streamers ask for recommendations. Make sure it is clear that you don’t want them spamming other people. Just instill in them how helpful it is when fans share your game to streamers.
  • Artur added a clear call to action to “Add to Steam Wishlist” right there on the game’s title screen. ALWAYS HAVE A CALL TO ACTION!
  • Hell! Artur even added a “Add to Steam Wishlist” button to his quit menu. Always make sure you get fans to know what you want them to do.
  • The Jupiter Moons Mecha demo is also a brisk 30 minutes. You want people to leave wanting more. When I did my most recent Steam Festival survey I found that games with Demos that overly satisfied the interest people resulted in fewer wisheslsits. People played and said “I have seen enough” and just moved on to the next demo at the festival. Leave them curious.
  • Make the demo fun and full of rich gameplay. Artur told me that for the demo he turned up the drop rate of legendary cards. The demo isn’t just the first 30 minutes of the game. It is more like a playable trailer – a montage of the best bits of the game in a succinct package. Your demo shouldn’t just be the first 30 minutes of your game. It should be a super exciting slice of a bunch of the greatest bits.
  • The game demo was posted even before all gameplay systems have been implemented! That’s good. Always show your work and get feedback ASAP. I find too many indies do the opposite and never release what they are working because it isn’t perfect. Artur was brave and said, “good enough let’s post what we have now before it is fully there.” It paid off and if he had waited he wouldn’t have gotten this exposure.
  • Artur went with a separate Prologue build of his game to host the demo. I am not sure I would recommend this anymore. I now think that it is best to do a “Demo” that is tied to your main game because this prevents people from accidentally wishlisting your prologue instead of your paid game. Also when you have a “Demo” Valve lets you add a “Demo” button to the main store page. It is just less confusing.
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Victor Burgos is the developer behind the cat-based 2D/3D platformer Neko Ghost, Jump! Victor has been very diligent about getting his game into festivals such as Pax South and the Tiny Teams Festival. Through many years of trial and error, Victor has also ended up with the opinion of keeping his game up indefinitely.

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