What is a Fragger in PUBG?

Former League midlaner turned PUBG mastermind Wei “GODV” Zhen is a true PUBG veteran. Active since day one, he is the owner and captain of 4AM and the “Steph Curry of PUBG”. A true god of throwing, he provides the stability and know-how for his team to control corners large and small on the map. He is the most popular PUBG player in China, having represented his country at the Nations Cup and played at both PGC and PGI.s 2021.

Wei “GODV” Zhen

PUBG Mobile Squad Tactics: Strategic Roles

“Strategies without tactics are the slowest path to victory. Tactics without strategies are the noise before defeat.” – Sun Tzu

This is the most important role in a team in PUBG Mobile. Your team must have an IGL or In-Game Leader who will make important decisions and lead the team through the game. The IGL is responsible for issuing different commands such as when to charge or when to get defensive depending on the situation or how to take position in different situations.


Instead of fighting at close quarters like a rusher, this sniper needs to be able to engage in long range combat with precision. The weapon used is also a unique weapon called the Sniper.

High damage is the obvious advantage of this sniper, but precise aiming is a necessity.

Late Game Champion vs.

As an Late Game Champion versus an Early Game Champion, we have to accept that we have minimal control over the minion wave. Our main goal is to farm as much gold as possible, for our main items, in the least amount of time (without dying for our opponent). The laning phase will most likely end before we run out of our main items if our opponent knows how to pilot their champion. In this situation, we should focus on pushing slow/soft and freezing the minion wave on our side of the lane. Our opponent, since he has a natural advantage, might try to freeze the minion surge on his side of the lane. Try to avoid this situation by restoring the wave of minions. If and only if we have a clear lane advantage, can we try to push hard/fast to force our opponent to stay in lane instead of wandering or invading our jungle

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Sylass and Rayz

Sylass and Rayz are equally fantastic players, they are from Turkey. Both are representative of the Klas Digital Athletics team. They have become popular due to their fragmentation power. Klas Digital Athletics has achieved many achievements in the EMEA and PMGC league. In both league matches, they managed second and fifth place respectively in 2020.

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