What is a star code in Roblox?

To enter the star code, simply go to buy Robux and enter one of the following codes when prompted on the left hand side when choosing a payment method. It’s that simple. After you enter one of the codes found below, Roblox will save that code to your account for two weeks, then any further purchases you make in that time frame will automatically help those creators as well.

Here are all the current star codes available. Items in bold are the names of the creator being compensated, with the code being the entry directly following it.

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What do Star Codes do in Roblox?

With these codes, you can support a content creator when you make a purchase. This will send them 5% of your purchase without you spending anything extra. So if you are a super fan of any influencer, you can help them when you shop like Robux. This is applicable for those who are in the Video Stars program which has some high criteria.

Why we use star codes in Roblox

With star codes, you can support the creator during the purchase in Robux. The creator will directly receive 5% of the revenue from the amount spent, but the player will receive the Robux he paid for. Being a fan of any Roblox creator, you can show them some love by buying Robux and supporting them. There are few high-end creators in Roblox that allow you to use star codes because the criteria to get there as a creator is very high and requires a top-notch skill set. The famous start codes are:

Star codes can be redeemed during Robux purchases in Roblox. While making a purchase, you can see an option like “Click here to add a star code.” Enter the star code there and click continue to redeem the star code. This way, the creator also gets his percentage after your purchase. You will also see creators promoting their star codes in their streams and social media. Just copy your favorite creator’s star code to use. You can use an asterisk code in Roblox by following these steps:


  • CaptainTate21 Captain
  • Dear– Dear
  • CatFer– CatFer
  • Celestial Roblox– Celestial
  • Cerority– Cero
  • Cerso– Cerso
  • Chocoblox– Chocoblox
  • Chrisandthemike – Chrisatm
  • Chrisu Gaming – Chrisu
  • Comfortable Sunday – Pretty
  • Cookie Cutters – CANDIES
  • Conor3D – Conor3D
  • CPat– CPat
  • CQQP– cqqp
  • CraftedRL – Crafted
  • Craxel – craxel
  • CrazyErzy – CrazyErzy
  • Encrypt-encrypt
  • CrystalSims– Crystal
  • CyberNova Games – Cybernova
  • Cylito– Cylito
  • DandanPH– Dandan
  • Danny Jesden– Danny
  • DaPanda Girl– PandaWanda
  • DatBrian – DatBrian
  • Daylin’s Fun House – FunSquad
  • DeeterPlays – DeeterPlays
  • DfieldMark– DfieldMark
  • DefildPlays – Tainted
  • DeGoBloX– Dego
  • Denis – Denis
  • Reproductions Digito– Digito
  • Digopollo – Chicken
  • DimerDillon – DIMER
  • DOLLAR GAMES! – Dollar
  • Draconite Dragon – Draco
  • DV Playbacks – DV
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