What is the black zone in PUBG?

Popular Twitch streamer DrDisrespect dives into PUBG’s new map, Karakin, for his Triple Threat Challenge only to be destroyed by the new Black Zone

For the uninitiated, DrDisrespect often hosts Triple Challenges Threat on his channel, setting himself the task of playing three different battle royale games in pursuit of a win in each. This time he’s taken on the task with titles like Apex Legends, PUBG, and Escape from Tarkov in hopes of a solo victory in each.



Karakin Map is the first 2×2 map that appears in the PUBG game and due to this it is the most awaited update by many PUBG fans.

As we all know, PUBG Mobile introduced Livik map in its previous update and now PUBG Mobile will introduce Karakin map. Similar to that map Karakin has its own features which you cannot find on other maps one of which is the wrecking zone.

PUBG New Map Karakin

Players will notice that Karakin is a much smaller map than others in the game. This new location is a 2×2 KM island located off the north coast of Africa. Only 64 players will fight for Chicken Dinners on Karakin instead of the usual 100 players.

One of the new features that Karakin is bringing to PUBG is a destructible environment that changes every game. One way this happens is through the new Black Zone mechanic which is only available in Karakin. This black zone is designed to push players out of buildings to discourage camping, and is completely random when it comes to where it places its destruction. The destruction caused by the Dark Zone also evolves in real-time during a match. Players will know where the Dark Zone is about to hit by a purple circle on their map.

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Black Zone Karakin Berbeda dengan Red Zone

Red Zone biasanya memiliki sistema untuk mengirimkan rudal ke arah lapangan terbuka atau area yang terbuka. Jadi para player yang berada di luar bangunan pastinya akan segera memasuki bangunan untuk berlindung.

Sedangkan Black Zone menyerang bangunan yang menjadi area pengebomannya. Jadi yang berada player of dalam gedung harus segera meninggalkan gedung atau bangunan tersebut jika tidak ingin terkena damage dari reruntuhan bangunan yang telah of bom.

PUBG Mobile Demolition Zone

In this PUBG Mobile 1.3 patch note, the PUBG PC Black Zone is called the Demolition Zone, which drops random bombs within the zone.

The Demolition Zone is equal to the Red Zone. The only difference is that the Demolition Zone targets buildings only and is marked with a purple circle on the map and an audible alarm indicating that you must exit the building quickly.

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