What is the highest level in Free Fire?

In India, the free fire ID of level 100 is 646279026.

Cold FF is the highest level of FF ID in India, which has an FF ID level of 100. The FF of highest level in India is 646279026.

How to reach high level in Free Fire

However, getting gifts just for upgrading is not that simple. Only a few players have passed the level 100 free throw, the highest level player in Free Fire. After Free Fire went offline in the most popular games in India and the world in September 2017, it took less than two years to become popular in the mobile gaming industry, competing with PUBG Mobile for the throne of the battle royale genre.

With 500 million downloads as of February 2020, Free Fire is undoubtedly a significant threat. However, such a large population seems nearly impossible to fully monitor.

How to increase Free Fire level fast

Increasing Free Fire level is a very difficult task. Even if you want to reach level 100 in your Free Fire ID, you have to play at least 3 years. But you can follow some steps to raise the level of Free Fire.

  • Always use EXP card at 100% and 50%
  • Always play in battle royale squad mode
  • Never forget to play on peak day of Free Fire event
  • Survive the end of the game to get extra points
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Top 5 Noobs with highest level ID in Free Fire

This is a female player of Brazilian server with level 84. It is the highest level id of any female player. The id name is “MARA” and the player UID is “273515302”. She doesn’t have that bad stats, but with a level 84 player she should have a K/D ratio of at least 3 or higher.

This is supposed to be the highest tier id from India and also has very close competition with popular streamer ‘Daddy Calling’ but the competition is only in terms of level up and not in terms of of statistics such as its K /D ratio is 0. Its UID is ‘646279026’ and its ID name is ‘ICECOLD’. She also has a YouTube channel with nearly 236,000 subscribers and over 16.93 million views combined.


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