What is the max fps on a Chromebook?

Since its debut, Chrome OS—and Chromebooks as a whole—have grown a lot, developing file systems and their own set of applications as Google has worked to add Android applications to the operating system to help create some additional utility with the service. And while the option to install Linux on a Chromebook has always been there, 2018 saw the addition of the ability to run Linux apps directly from Chrome OS, using a virtual machine from your desktop. That support might be rolling out slowly, but it does go a long way in showcasing the abilities and access current-day Chrome OS users have that wasn’t there just five years ago.

One place Chrome OS always felt lacking in was gaming support. There are some alright games on Chrome OS, but thanks to the addition of Android apps on the operating system—not to mention the growing power of mid-range Chromebooks and the promised Linux support—gaming on Chrome OS has never been better. If you’re looking to play some games on your Chromebook (or perhaps, your brand new Chrome tablet), we have some game recommendations for you. From classic Chrome Apps built on offering FPS experiences to new Android apps that work directly with the majority of current, modern Chrome OS devices, we have a solid list of recommendations if you’re looking to dive into FPS gaming on Chrome OS.

How to tune your Chromebook for gaming

We’ve rounded up the best tips and tricks for you to revamp your gaming experience on Chrome OS. Do follow the instructions given ahead meticulously for the best results.

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Before we delve into other measures for optimizing your Chromebook for gaming, let us start with an introductory course of action. If you’re unaware, a Powerwash is similar to a factory reset, but the term is aligned exclusively towards Chrome OS. Other than that, the result is the same.

Tout passe par le navigator

Nvidia just announced a new taille: les abonnés à l’offre RTX 3080 peuvent maintenant bénéficier d’une qualité en 1600p et à une frequency d’images just 120 FPS en passant tout simply par Chrome. Et ce, peu import l’ordinator: PC, Mac, iPhone, Android smartphone, tablet… « Pas de téléchargement, pas d’installation», s’enthousiasme Nvidia! It is not the same plus you need to install the GeForce Now app on your machine.

Bien sûr, il faudra posséder un écran capable of afficher 120 images per second, avoir cet abonnement à 19,99€ par mois, et… un des jeux compatible avec GeForce Now! Heureusement, ils sont de plus en plus nombreux, et il y a quelques gros titres très exigeants.

Une gestión du gain simple

When you’re plus jeune and you’re jouais à des FPS online avec des amis (chose qui n’a pas changé…), je configurais sous Windows les Sorties are ainsi that the microphone pour jouer dans des conditions optimales.

On Chromebook, basic, it is only possible to increase or lower the incoming volume to suit your ears. More suite à des mises-à-jour de Chrome OS et en activante le flag chrome://flags/#system-tray-mic-gain, you allez voir apparatus a slider/curseur au level du microphone:

A Change Is Coming

Spotted by an eagle-eyed user u/kentexcitebot over on Reddit, it appears that there are flags already in place in Chrome OS 76 that allow it to leverage much-higher refresh rates right now : up to 144hz according to this post. For what it is worth, we only have a few 75hz monitors on hand, so that is as far as we could test. However, by following the steps outlined below, I have little reason to think the options won’t scale up to whatever the connected monitor is capable of.

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After giving this all a test, I didn’t see a ton of difference in the 75hz refresh setting and the 60hz that it was set to prior, but I am encouraged that this new ability is already working on Chrome OS as the Reddit post only tested it with CloudReady (a USB-loaded version of Chromium OS that can be installed on older Windows and Mac devices). We’re asking around to see if we can get our hands on a monitor with higher refresh rates (we may just need to buy a new monitor, right?), but until we do, I’m hopeful that some of you out there will give all this a try and let us know how your higher-refresh monitors do.

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