What is the most expensive thing in Free Fire?

Wanderer Pack of the Wastelands

The Wasteland Wanderer Bundle is one of the rarest bundles in the game as it was given away to players during a special event and now this bundle is available in the Free Fire in-game shop. Players can purchase this pack for 899 diamonds from the shop.

5 Most expensive character in Free Fire (FF)

Is there anyone who dares to face this character in Free Fire? This is one of the children’s favorite characters in the game. So DJ Alok in Free Fire is also one of the most powerful characters you can buy in Free Fire as well. To buy DJ Alok, you will need to spend 599 diamonds on the character alone. And it is 2500 to 3000 diamonds for the full package together with the package.

KSHMR is also the highest priced character you can buy right now. This character is actually a very famous DJ in the world. The cost of this character you need to afford is 2500 diamonds with the bundle pack. And that’s 599 diamonds just for the character.

Most expensive ID in free fire: Rarest, expensive and most popular ID in free fire.

Hi friends, welcome to our post, in today’s post, we will tell you about the most expensive ID of Free Fire, if you don’t know which player is the most expensive ID of Free Fire, and they entered that ID . How much money did you spend, so you don’t have to worry because in today’s article we will introduce you such an expensive Free Fire ID as you will also tell how much money they invested.

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Friends though Free Fire is a very good game and you can play this game absolutely free but in this game you have to invest money to get lots of things and with that money you get diamonds which helps. With this you can buy anything in the Free Fire game.

The last word

That was the review about the price of the most expensive FF skin, now you know and are you going to buy it? We really need a skin pack, this is to make our characters have more damage and look more attractive.


Kapella can increase the effects of healing items and healing skills by 10% at level 1. With this, it reduces HP when knocked down by 20 % . The effect of healing items is increased by 20% and HP loss is reduced by 30%.

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