What is the most realistic free flight simulator for PC?

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The best free flight simulators

Created in 1997, FlightGear is the father of all flight simulators. FlightGear is open source, meaning anyone can embed their own code or create a personal development code to improve the software as they see fit. Since its creation, the software has been updated and tweaked to bring users a true interactive experience.

FlightGear’s design is open-air, providing users a clean and clear interface to create, manipulate, and test their own aircraft model. The software is best used for design, testing flight conditions, and learning the steps of flying an aircraft.

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Features Of GeoFS

  • Real map- GeoFS has a real map that means you can fly anywhere around the globe and land or takeoff from any airport.
  • HD graphics- GeoFS have stunning graphics and smooth runways.
  • Real time weather conditions- The free flight simulator has an amazing feature through which you can experience real time weather er of any place and also real time airspeed which makes it even more realistic.
  • There are a total of 40 aircraft which you can fly in GeoFS. These 40 aircraft include commercial aircraft, supersonic jets, helicopter, hot air balloon and even a glider.
  • Multiplayer GeoFS is a multiplayer flight simulator which means you can fly with your friends and do a group flight.
  • Free of cost- GeoFS provides all these features for free and does not charge anything.

One can use the GeoFS on any web browser and does not need to download any files to your computer. GeoFS is now also available on your Android Mobile devices and iOS. The links are provided below.


Have an excellent VR gaming experience with FlyInside. Image Credit: FlyInside

Platform: PC

My Favorite Flight Simulator Games for PC:

There is no doubt that Digital Combat Simulator World is one of the best flight simulator out there. In terms of simulation, realism, visuals, and combat, this simulator leaves others way behind. Extreme Landings is another airplane simulator with realistic simulation and visual details.

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